Premier Lacrosse League

  • The Premier Lacrosse League and DraftKings are now sports betting partners.
  • The partnership allows DraftKings to collect data and stats of PLL games.
  • DraftKings will also have signage rights to PLL stadiums, as PLL is gaining presence in the sports betting world.

LOS ANGELES – The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) has gained another sports betting partner by joining forces with DraftKings.

Through this new partnership, the PLL will receive many different benefits by joining with DraftKings.

Details Of The Partnership

Lacrosse is about to have a lot more of a presence in the legal sports betting world.

The PLL will allow DraftKings to perform data analytics across all their games. Doing so will let DraftKings create odds for PLL matches on their sportsbook. That means DraftKings fans can wager on PLL games.

Allowing DraftKings to do so will give more people awareness about PLL games. Doing so will bring more fans to the PLL, making the league more popular.

This is especially true since the PLL has partnered with a brand as big as DraftKings. It is not only the PLL who is excited about the potential growth.

“We look for new and exciting things that have different growth trajectories,” said Ezra Kucharz, DraftKings chief business officer to CNBC. “Lacrosse is one of these sports that has really started to take hold on both coasts, and you’re seeing it grow as a sport everywhere.”

More Partnerships For The PLL

This is not the first time that the PLL has landed a sports betting partner. The PLL also partnered with Genius Sports a few months ago. The partnership that the PLL has with Genius Sports is similar to the one with DraftKings.

Genius Sports will offer increased betting options for PLL games, as Genius Sports will provide live betting odds for the PLL Championship Series that is set to happen within a few weeks.

DraftKings will also be providing sports betting odds for these Championship Series games. In the end, the PLL has landed two large sports betting partners.

With this, perhaps sports betting will allow for the PLL to grow as big as other sports leagues in the United States. Either way, fans of the PLL now have a place to wager on high-ranked lacrosse games.

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