DraftKings is heading to San Francisco which could push for the legalization of California sports betting.

  • In two years, DraftKings has been able to grow by 40% in terms of employment.
  • The company has been at the top of its business nationwide for years now.
  • Residents of the Golden State are hopeful DraftKings will help bring sports betting legalization.

SAN FRANCISCODraftKings has opened up a new office in the San Francisco area. This is the fourth new office opening for the sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS) operator in a little less than a year.

Having a home base in California where sports betting has not yet been legalized could have an effect on the state in a positive way if at all.

The New Office

The San Francisco office takes over a full floor of a Sutter Street building. It’s a 4,750 square-foot space emblazoned with the DraftKings brand as well as numerous murals of local sports stars like NBA baller Steph Curry. The location is hiring plenty of new tech and marketing employees to further their brand on the West Coast.

“Among the iconic sports teams and landmarks, San Francisco is an ideal combination of design, culture and technology,” said Matt Kalish, Co-Founder and President, DraftKings North America. “Our committed, in-house marketing team could not be more excited to channel the spirit of the Bay Area in establishing DraftKings as an influential fixture of the West Coast as we continue to provide sports fans with the ultimate in creative sports-entertainment content.”

What The Opening Could Mean For California

Sports betting is not legal in the state of California. DraftKings has a very profitable sportsbook that they run nationwide.

They also have Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) where they got their start. DFS is legal for residents of the Golden State but the issue of legalizing sports betting has been a back and forth one.

Lawmakers cannot decide whether or not to make the pastime legal which makes sports bettors in California seek sportsbooks elsewhere. They either turn to offshore sports betting sites or drive to neighboring states that have sports betting lounges or online platforms.

While some people believe that the presence of DraftKings will see a positive impact on the legalization of the gambling on sporting events, others believe that it will make no difference.

The sportsbook will continue to thrive no matter where they are located though. The sports betting market continues to expand as an extremely profitable business.

California has tried and failed a few times to make the pastime legal. If lawmakers get a firsthand look at the type of revenue DraftKings brings for those on the West Coast, it’s possible that they could be swayed in favor of future legislation.

Until then, employees at the new office will be able to take in the beautiful sights like the Golden Gate Bridge in their new city with only hopes of legalization.

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