Emmanuel Macron

  • Emmanuel Macron has the shortest odds at -160 to win the 2022 French Presidential Election.
  • Marine Le Pen is listed with the second shortest odds at +300 to win the French Presidency in 2022.

PARIS – The 2022 French Presidential election is a little under a year away as two candidates have emerged as frontrunners for a showdown at the polls.

The incumbent candidate Emmanuel Macron has strong opposition from candidate Marine Le Pen who some polls show winning the presidency in the first round or gaining ground in other areas of France.

Macron was once considered to win the 2022 French Election by a landslide now faces his biggest threat to winning another term. Macron’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly not done him any favors in the eyes of the French people which is why Le Pen might be surging.

Legal sports betting sites have picked up on the interest in the international election and have listed betting odds on who may come out victorious in a year from now.

Odds To Win 2022 French Presidential Election

  • Emmanuel Macron -160
  • Marine Le Pen +300
  • Jean-Luc Melenchon +1600
  • Xavier Bertrand +2000
  • Anne Hidalgo +2000
  • Edouard Phillippe +2000
  • Laurent Wauquiez +2500

Emmanuel Macron has the shortest odds at -160 to win the 2022 French Presidential Election at BetOnline. However, much like in the polls Marine Le Pen is closing in Macron with +300 odds as she’s the only other candidate with odds shorter than +1000.

Although it’s somewhat early in France’s presidential election process, Le Pen’s rise in the polls cannot be understated. Macron and Le Pen are no strangers to the election process as Macron defeated Le Pen in the 2017 French Presidential Election in Round 1 and Round 2 of voting while also nearly doubling her count in the popular vote (20,743,128-10,638,475) in the latter round.

This time it seems Le Pen will make this a more competitive election and now may be the best time for bettors to act on her odds before they become even shorter especially in the wake of the most recent polls coming from France.

If looking for a longshot option to bet on outside of Macron or Le Pen, then Jean-Luc Melenchon’s +1600 odds are the best option as no other candidate has odds shorter than +2000.

France’s 2022 Presidential Election is far from over but if Le Pen continues her rise up the polls and carries this momentum throughout the year Macron could be in trouble.

With so much time between now and Election Day, it’s hard to tell what will happen as news can shift the race. Nonetheless, those betting on this Presidential Election will likely lean towards Macron or Le Pen this early.

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