The aftermath of Super Bowl Sunday is felt on Monday.

  • Football fans nationwide are susceptible to catching “Super Bowl Fever” the Monday after SB54.
  • Symptoms are similar to the flu and include headache, nausea, and generally feeling unwell due to having a few drinks to properly honor the end of NFL season.
  • Super Sick Monday is often seen after the Super Bowl by employers every year and this year will be no different.

MIAMI – Monday, February 3, is expected to see a widespread illness known as “Super Bowl Fever” infect millions of the nation’s employees.

This epidemic is no joking matter as it occurs each year the day after the Super Bowl occurs. The only way to contain it is to simply skip work that Monday for the good of companies everywhere. According to a recent poll, it seems as though many Americans are on board with that idea.

Super Sick Monday

The Workforce Institute at Kronos Inc. conducted a survey on how many people would be missing work the day after SB LIV. Among the 1,148 employees polled, the results estimated 17.5 million Americans would not be showing up to work on the Monday after the game.

Of those 17.5 million, over half or about 11.1 million of them will take the honorable route and receive a pre-approved vacation day due to the game. This will allow their employers ample time to shift the workload in preparation of their absence.

However, it’s a well-known fact that Super Sick Monday is a very real occurrence so whether or not employees receive the day off before the event, companies expect to see a decline in workers going in that day.

Despite knowing the lack of employees that will show up, over 56% of workers say their places of business do not prepare for impending absences.

The next chunk of people, 4.7 million of them, will call in sick the day of with a severe case of Super Bowl fever. Excuses for bosses will vary; there is the standard sickness excuse which isn’t a lie because being hungover counts, family emergencies, and car trouble, all of which are viable and realistic options.

Granted, more than likely employers will know anything said is an excuse, but it’s better to give one that is not too outlandish.

And then there are ghosts of the group. Ghosting isn’t just exclusive to the dating world. Approximately 1.5 million employees are expected to ghost their jobs, meaning they just won’t show up. This isn’t the best idea because it could lead to some heavy repercussions for these employees but over a million people are choosing to do that for Super Sick Monday.

All of these equal to the estimated 17.5 million people that will not be showing up for work February 3. But there are 7.9 million people that are not sure what to do. This means it’s highly possible that 25.4 million Americans will be taking Monday off to recover from all of the SB 2020 festivities.

Numerous events will happen leading up to the big day, and that is especially the case in Miami, Fl where the Super Bowl is being held. Football fans are hardcore and the parties, concerts, and other events for the biggest game of the year line up with that.

Super Bowl 54 begins on Sunday, February 2 at 6:30 p.m. EST. The parties begin well before that. And Super Sick Monday starts at about 8 a.m. February 3. Employers should prepare themselves accordingly for the imminent outbreak.

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