Vermont Senate

  • Donald Trump had -4000 odds to win Kentucky.
  • Joe Biden had -3300 odds to win Vermont.
  • Donald Trump had -4000 to win West Virginia.

WASHINGTON D.C. – With election night going on across the United States, those that have bet on certain states to be either red or blue have already cashed in on their political bets as three states have been called.

Those that placed election bets on Kentucky, Vermont or West Virginia have seen their bets finish already.

Both Kentucky and West Virginia have been called to Donald Trump while Vermont has been called to Vermont. The odds for both Kentucky and West Virginia opened up as heavy favorites for Trump to win those states.

Kentucky Electoral Odds

  • Trump -4000
  • Biden +1400

West Virginia Electoral Odds

  • Trump -4000
  • Biden +1400

Joe Biden, on the other hand, was a heavy favorite to win Vermont in which he did help bettors cash out as well.

Vermont Electoral Odds

  • Biden -3300
  • Trump +1200

With more and more states beginning to get called, the odds for the election as a whole have shifted as well.

Prior to the election, legal betting sites had Joe Biden as a heavy favorite (-200) but have since evened out a bit as Trump’s odds have shortened.

Odds To Win 2020 Election

  • Joe Biden -145
  • Donald Trump +115

With Trump beginning to gain traction, election bettors could look to place a long-shot bet before he becomes favored.

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