• Football Index was founded in 2015 by Adam Cole in Jersey, United Kingdom.
  • The partnership with NASDAQ will increase their already user-friendly platform.
  • Soccer players are evaluated on media coverage as well as performance on the field.

NEW YORK – In efforts to “create full functionality of an exchange,” Football Index will partner with NASDAQ to use their technology in order to advance and expedite services for Football Index’s thousands of users.

Operated like a stock market, Football Index allows users to buy, sell, and trade soccer players similar to securities on trading platforms, as their market price is evaluated through their on-the-field success as well as their off-the-field media coverage.

NASDAQ’s technology will come into play, as they will better serve the users looking to make connections to other users when they want to increase their share size or offload a player’s value.

While this is associated with sports betting, the “traders” on the platform are able to see their long-term “assets” increase and decrease in value as well as collect dividends based on performance. This allows for more users to sign up and participate, without the fear of losing their money right out of the gate in the result of a binary outcome.

Other details of the partnership, aside from the proven platform, include 24/7 trade support, ability to place different kinds of buy and sell orders, and a simpler way to have fun trading football players.

NASDAQ will also present their image upon the Football Index platform, something that has not happened with any of the few hundred partnerships they have organized over the years. So far, NASDAQ has not entered the legal US sports betting space or officially announced any upcoming negotiations.

More About Football Index

Regulated by the British Gambling Commission and owned by Fame Ventures, Football Index uses their own system to value players on both their performance and media coverage.

While only the top 200 players in Europe’s five largest leagues are capable of giving dividends for both performance and media, the remaining players are graded solely on performances.

New members are able to join The Academy, which details what to expect on the platform and how to get started. The Academy is also open to existing members who want to expand on their strategies or who need a refresher of the rules.

Their expansion has been prevalent amongst soccer fans, as they have seen their logo in the ad space across a few clubs’ jerseys. The most notable came this summer when Football Index and Nottingham Forest FC secured the largest jersey sponsorship deal in the club’s history. With the company becoming more of a household name, they also have plans to venture to Canada and Sweden to increase their user base even further.

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