Former Bachelor contestant Jade Roper-Tolbert is being investigated by DraftKings after winning their “Millionaire Maker” contest.

  • Jade Roper-Tolbert became a millionaire over the Wild Card weekend with her win of the “Millionaire Maker” contest with DraftKings.
  • The reality star was able to win by 2.62 points over the runner up spclk36.
  • Due to her and her husband both playing in the contest, she is now under investigation by DraftKings for a possible breach of their integrity clause.

LOS ANGELES – Investigations have begun over Jade Roper-Tolbert, a former contestant on ‘The Bachelor’, after winning DraftKings “Millionaire Maker” game over the Wild Card weekend.

The reality star turned Instagram influencer won the million-dollar grand prize for the daily fantasy sports contest with a total of 180.79 points. Roper-Tolbert entered the maximum amount of entries allowed for one person which was set at 150 by the sportsbook. Each entry cost bettors $25, totaling $3,750 for the limit.

Immediately after winning the million dollars, there was an outcry by the public of collusion. Roper-Tolbert and her husband Tanner Tolbert each entered the contest separately, with their own picks.

However, people believe this was a ploy to maximize their amount of entries to 300 rather than 150. Both husband and wife maintain they play on their own and do not team up for their daily fantasy sports picks.

“We each put in our separate players, in our separate accounts and rooted for own players,” said Tanner to ESPN. “No one has ever said a peep about us when we lost for 17 straight weeks. Then, of course, somehow Jade picked the right lineup, got the million and the spotlight got shone on it. And people, especially since she’s a woman, assume that I do it all for her. If I had won, I bet no one would’ve raised a flag.”

The Investigation

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) is legal in all but seven states. The Tolbert’s reside in California so the legalities of their participation are not an issue. DraftKings has a strict integrity policy that they enforce. An investigation into the issue is taking place to ensure that the players were not working together to somehow cheat the game.

According to initial information, it’s been shown that of the 300 entries, 298 are very different from one another. This leads DraftKings to believe that the husband and wife did not coordinate their lineups before entering the contest.

Some people are not convinced that there was a lack of coordination. Roper-Tolbert chose quarterbacks that played during Saturday’s games while her husband chose quarterbacks from Sunday’s matches. People believe this was a way to expand their odds of winning.

In any event, not paying Roper-Tolbert the prize money could result in a lawsuit that DraftKings would very much like to avoid. This type of investigation needs to have key pieces of evidence that are able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that the two worked together to beat the system.

That seems very unlikely, especially after seeing their lineup choices differ as much as they did. To avoid a long, drawn-out issue, it would be in the best interest of both parties if DraftKings awarded Roper-Tolbert the money she so clearly won for the contest.

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