Fox 29 will air a new sports betting show called "Props and Locks" before Thursday night football.

  • “Props and Locks” will air before every Thursday Night Football game for the remainder of the 2019 NFL season.
  • The program will feature former Eagles Linebacker Garry Cobb and will be focused on NFL betting.
  • Props and Locks is only a 15-minute segment, meaning that NFL betting predictions or opinions must remain short.

PHILADELPHIA – Sports betting in Pennsylvania has become an extremely popular activity since it was first launched last year. TV networks have noticed, including FOX 29 in Philadelphia which will air a new sports betting themed program called “Props and Locks” on Thursday at 7:15 p.m. EST.

The show will be hosted by Scott Grayson, Todd Fuhrman, and former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Garry Cobb. While local Eagles fans may be excited to see a former player talk about odds, Cobb has already informed the inquirer on his role in the program.

“I’m talking about football from my perspective from having played for 11 years,” said Cobb. “I have no interest in getting in it from a gambling standpoint, even though it is very fascinating…My money is too hard-earned, I’m not giving it up.”

Even though Gary Cobb may not be interested in betting on sports in PA, many in the state are. According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, sports bettors in the state wagered over $109 million in August alone. That is the largest total handle in a single month in the state’s history.

FOX is in the midst of joining the PA sports betting market. Last month, the company announced that it was testing the FOX Bet app. The app will be brought about through a partnership with Mount Airy Casino and the Stars Group and would allow those located inside PA to bet real money on sports.

“Props and Locks” is just another way for the company to capitalize on the growing popularity of legal sports betting in the state and in Philadelphia especially. However, the show only lasts for 15 minutes so hosts will have to sound off their takes quickly.

“We may hit five or six headlines or topics for everybody to talk about on our panel,” said Tom Louden, senior executive producer of Fox 29. “Two or three of them will be on the game that night, then we’ll obviously hit something Eagles and something league related.”

“Props and Locks” will air every Thursday for the next twelve weeks. The show will be followed by the Thursday Night Football national pregame show at 7:30 p.m. EST and then Thursday Night Football at 8:20 p.m. EST. This week, the Philadelphia Eagles (+185) will head to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers (-225). Local fans will still consider the Eagles to be their favorite team and heavily shift the line at area sportsbooks, even though Philadelphia is a 4-point underdog heading into their road matchup.

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