F2P games can bring in new sports betting customers

  • Free-To-Play is a commonly used tactic to bring in new sports betting customers.
  • The F2P model has been used more due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • Using F2P allows customers to get a taste of what legal sports betting feels like without taking any real risk.

LAS VEGASMany sportsbooks around the United States have started to use free-to-play (F2P) games to bring in new customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are many different kinds of F2P games in the sports betting industry. Usually, it involves customers simply picking the winner of a game. If the customer guesses correctly, then they are rewarded with in-game prizes. The F2P model is an excellent way to introduce customers to sports betting without them having to risk their real money.

Using F2P During A Pandemic

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many sports leagues around the world are still shut down. That means that there is not much sports betting action going on and the ones that are active are small sports leagues that most American customers are not familiar with.

Due to that, keeping customers coming back has become extremely difficult. That is why many sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings are using F2P games to keep customers satisfied.

These F2P games allow customers to earn rewards for little to no money, thus keeping customer engagement. Not only does F2P games keep customers engaged, but there are more benefits for sports betting operators to offer these kinds of games.

“For sports betting operators, F2P can serve two purposes. The first is to build a database of potential sports bettors in a market where sports betting may not yet be legal, or has not yet launched. The previous daily fantasy sports operators were able to do this effectively by flipping a switch from one app into an official sports betting app in the markets where they were already operating. The second purpose is to educate those who are new to sports betting, to get them to understand how it works, and transition them into the new legal market,” said Brendan Bussmann.

Having F2P games gives legal sports betting operators much-needed information about the market. Once they have customers, F2P games will allow them to keep their customers. This is now more important than ever due to the ongoing global pandemic.

On top of that, F2P games can build a case for legalizing sports betting within a state. If they collect enough data to show that bettors want sports betting, that may sway state legislators to vote for sports betting.

Overall, F2P games help fuel the legal sports betting industry around the United States. It keeps customers engaged and F2P games could help get more states to legalize sports betting.

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