MGM Resorts' GameSense has reached 1 million customer interactions and it is designed to teach about responsible gambling.

  • GameSense encourages responsible gambling.
  • MGM Resorts adopted GameSense back in 2017.
  • There are many ways on how GameSense encourages responsible gambling.

LAS VEGAS – MGM Resorts’ GameSense has received over 1 million customer interactions since it launched in 2017.

According to MGM, GameSense is designed to keep gambling fun. They want to be as informative as possible about how gambling works. That way, they can encourage responsible gaming. On the GameSense website, they define legal sports betting as a game of chance with an element of skill. The website also details on how you should set limits on these types of games.

The program also gives out this information through GameSense advisors at the MGM Resorts. There are also interactive touchscreens to give customers the information they need.

“Our conversations with guests are not only about encouraging responsible play but improving guest relationships and providing world-class service,” said Rich Taylor, executive director of responsible gambling at MGM Resorts.

MGM Resorts wants to continue to encourage the promotion of responsible gambling. MGM has partnered with the American Gaming Association (AGA) for Responsible Gaming Education Week. MGM will educate guests on how to inform customers to make responsible gaming decisions. Responsible Gaming Week will happen from September 16 to September 20.

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