Geocomply and Casino Queen

  • Thanks to GeoComply and PinPoint technology, Illinois sports bettors can register their betting accounts from the DraftKings at Casino Queens parking lot.
  • Governor J.B. Pritzker has reinstated the in-casino requirement for signing up for a sportsbook in Illinois.
  • The GeoComply technology extends the radius for signing up.

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – Illinois sports bettors do not have to walk into the DraftKings at Casino Queens floor in order to sign up for the sportsbook thanks to GeoComply technology.

Although governor J.B Pritzker requires sports bettors to be inside the casino in order to register for an online sportsbook, the technology that GeoComply provides extends that registration radius to the parking lot.

This is for the convenience of the sports bettor as many do not wish to enter a casino floor due to the pandemic.

GeoComply And PinPoint

The GeoComply and PinPoint Technology coming together make the process of signing up to DraftKings online sportsbook a bit more convenient.

With the increased radius extending to the parking lot of the casino floor, DraftKings at Casino Queens is still in compliance with the state’s rules regarding online sports betting registration.

The technology allows for the entire land-mass of the casino, including the parking lot, which is considered casino grounds. This is a great compromise for sports bettors who do not wish to walk into a casino at this time.

“With PinPoint’s combination of Bluetooth beacons and back office software, GeoComply has provided us with a way to offer a more efficient, mobile experience to our customers when they register for their account at the DraftKings at Casino Queen property,” said Paul Liberman, DraftKings Co-Founder and President, Global Technology and Product. “The PinPoint solution really streamlines the process and enables our customers to complete their registration quickly and efficiently on their mobile device, using digital ID verification.”

With the implementation of the GeoComply technology, DraftKings hopes to bring more sports bettors into signing up for the online sportsbook.

Online and mobile betting has become a massive market during the pandemic since many residents and sports bettors are either stuck at home or do not wish to travel due to the conditions of the world. GeoComply is a solution for many Illinois bettors.

“Whether geolocating a player on a casino property or helping them use their mobile device to set up their account, GeoComply’s PinPoint solution is designed to make the mobile experience seamless for both players and operators,” said Sam Basile, General Manager, PinPoint at GeoComply. “We are really pleased to be working with DraftKings in Iowa and DraftKings at Casino Queen in Illinois, to give customers the convenience of using their mobile devices to set up their online account anywhere within the casino.”

DraftKings has already used this technology in other legal sports betting markets like Mississippi and Iowa. The success of the other markets gives a good indication as to how well GeoComply and PinPoint technologies will be received in Illinois.

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