New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has +750 odds on him becoming the Democratic nominee.
  • Gov. Cuomo repeatedly denied interest in running for President.
  • A brokered convention is the only likely way that Gov. Cuomo would become the nominee.

NEW YORKNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo has +750 odds on him to become the Democratic nominee to take on President Donald Trump.

The odds for Gov. Cuomo to become the Democratic nominee are becoming increasingly shorter. When he first entered the online odds boards, Gov. Cuomo had only +5000 odds of being the nominee. Now his odds are +750, which is shorter odds than what Sen. Bernie Sanders has on the same online sportsbooks.

Sen. Sanders has +1000 odds of being the Democratic nominee.

The odds are much shorter for Gov. Cuomo is because of his response to COVID-19 (coronavirus). His response has been swift and necessary to prevent the spread of the ongoing pandemic. As a result, Gov. Cuomo now has almost a 90% approval rating due to his response.

Although Gov. Cuomo has very good election odds on him, political bettors might want to hold back their bets. Chris Cuomo from CNN, and Andrew Cuomo’s brother, interviewed the New York governor about the possibility. But no matter how much Chris Cuomo pressed, Gov. Cuomo denied that he will run for President.

At the very least, sports bettors should not expect support from Gov. Cuomo himself to become the Democratic nominee. But there is an alternative route for the New York governor to end up as the nominee to take on President Trump.

A Brokered Convention

Right now, Joe Biden seems like he will become the nominee to take on President Trump. Biden currently has -450 odds of becoming the Democratic nominee. If a brokered convention happens though, things can change.

Voters will have the right to change their vote and decide between either Sanders or Biden to become the nominee. Having a brokered convention will likely give Sanders an advantage to make a comeback. But it could also lead voters to bring in Gov. Cuomo as their choice to take on the President.

But that seems to be less likely to happen. The online sportsbooks only have +500 odds of a brokered convention happening. With how the coronavirus has affected primary voting, it is even less likely to happen.

Bettors might want to reconsider their Gov. Cuomo bets because although odds boards are seeing a lot of action on him, the reality of the situation is against the possibility of Governor Cuomo getting the bid.

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