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  • HeadsUp Entertainment is ready to enter the Canadian sports betting market.
  • Canada’s parliament is currently debating on legalizing sports betting in the country.

OTTAWAHeadsUp Entertainment has officially announced their plan to enter the future Canada sports betting market.

Although single-game Canadian sports betting has not been officially legalized yet, HeadsUp entertainment is making moves to be the biggest online sports betting provider for the country.

Sports Betting In Canada

At the moment, there is not legal sports betting in Canada in the form of single-game betting. However, that could change in a manner of months. The Parliament in Canada has recently introduced a sports betting bill that will amend the Criminal Code in Canada to allow for sports betting.

With the Criminal Code of Canada amended, Canada will likely see around $14 billion in gross gaming revenue every year. With a market that lucrative, sports betting companies want in on the market as soon as possible, even before legalization occurs.

“The rapidly evolving opportunities in the Canadian market, as well as in other countries, are very encouraging and our team has been anticipating licensing and government regulation that we are strategically poised to take advantage of” said Doug Wilson, HeadsUp President and CEO.

To capture as much of the future Canadian sports betting market as possible, HeadsUp Entertainment is launching media content as soon as 2021 starts. This media content will allow HeadsUp to market themselves as the sportsbook for those who want to wager on sports in Canada.

They will also build themselves a base of players who are anticipating the launch of a new sportsbook in Canada. This will give players immediate access to sports betting when it is legal and ready, and give HeadsUp Entertainment a leg up on the competition.

For now, HeadsUp Entertainment will have to stick with advertising themselves before anything happens. It could be a couple of months before single-game sports betting is legalized in Canada and depending on the legalization process, a few months more before sportsbooks can launch.

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