Live NFL Draft betting 2021.

  • The NFL Draft will see many major moves that will affect betting lines throughout the rounds.
  • Odds will come and go quickly so betting fans will have to move fast to cash in big.
  • Team trades, surprise picks, and other front office moves will greatly affect the odds throughout the draft.

CLEVELAND – It’s officially NFL Draft Day and sports betting fans are only a few hours away from cashing in big betting on the big event.

While futures betting is a popular choice for teams, the best bet may possibly be to lean heavily on live betting odds. The NFL Draft is the perfect event to capitalize on live betting.

Thanks to the many last-second trades and surprise picks from teams, live betting on the NFL Draft 2021 is a great way to see constant action.

The Picks

To partake in live betting on the NFL Draft, sports betting fans simply need to go to the sportsbook of choice and find the odds.

Popular sportsbooks like MyBookie sportsbook even have the live betting page ready, although the odds won’t be posted until the NFL Draft begins.

When players access their online sportsbook or retail sportsbook, they will find the betting lines for each pick. These lines will be available in real-time and players must move fast in order to cash in.

While the No. 1 pick is essentially set in stone with the Jacksonville Jaguars likely to choose Trevor Lawrence, things won’t take long to get interesting.

The No. 3 pick belonging to the San Francisco 49ers for example will have live betting fans on the edge and could affect the live odds going forward. Justin Fields, Mac Jones, and Trey Lance are all QBs that could go third overall, and whomever the Niners pick will surely rock the boat with live betting odds. If the 49ers pick Mac Jones, for example, many teams may look for trades to move up in the daft to try and get the still available Fields or Lance.

“As much as the 49ers love Mac Jones, and they do, I believe that the gap between Mac Jones and the other QBs like Trey Lance has been narrowed considerably,” said Adam Schefter on ESPN’s “Get Up!” “I can tell you over the weekend they did not know who they were going to take.”

This pick is certainly going to be up in the air all through the night, and the odds will surely be tempting. Legal sports betting fans will definitely want to pay close attention to this pick.

The Trades

Another thing that can easily affect live betting odds is the last-minute trades that are bound to happen throughout the NFL Draft.

Teams constantly make major moves during the draft to help improve their odds and fans are constantly on the edge. In 2020, there were 29 trades that occurred during the three days of the draft, and live betting odds were certainly jumping throughout.

Big trades like the San Francisco 49ers trading their No. 13 and No. 245 draft picks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their No. 14 and No. 117 picks saw the 49ers gain Javon Kinlaw and the Buccaneers selecting Tristan Wirfs in the first round.

When big trades like this happen, the odds will shift drastically because different teams have different needs as to whom they may want to use the pick for.

Those betting on the NFL Draft will have to pay close attention to these big trades if they want to fully capitalize on live betting.

The NFL Draft will kick things off today at 8:00 PM EDT. Fans can catch the full draft on ESPN, NFL Network, ABC, and fully streamed on,, the ESPN app, and the NFL Mobile app.

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