Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears

  • Justin Fields has a total set at 200.5 passing yards with (-115) odds on both sides.
  • He has totals of 18.5 completions and 28.5 passing attempts against the Green Bay Packers.
  • Fields’ rushing yards total is at 18.5 with a (-115) betting line on either side.

CHICAGOJustin Fields and the Chicago Bears are set to play the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Fields’ prop betting lines may be a little too optimistic in his favor.

Justin Fields Passing Yards: UNDER 200.5

Justin Fields has limitless potential in the NFL as a quarterback, but potential doesn’t translate to immediate success. Legal sports betting sites may be setting Fields’ total just a bit too high for passing yards.

Justin Fields Passing Yards Total

  • Over 200.5 -115
  • Under 200.5 -115

Fields will be making his fourth start for the Chicago Bears and in his previous three games he has eclipsed the 200-yard mark just once. He’s averaging just 129.33 yards per game as a starter and doesn’t have a favorable matchup against the Green Bay Packers this weekend.

The Packers are allowing 220.4 passing yards per game which is 10th-best in the league. Fields has the benefit of a positive game script as the Bears are expected to be trailing in this game, but it’s tough to see him hit this number without the potential garbage time yards.

Justin Fields Passing Completions And Attempts

Fields may not be putting up exceptional numbers, however, that could largely be due to lack of volume in the passing game. Despite having yet to throw the ball more than 20 times in his previous starts, NFL betting sites have his total passing attempts set fairly high.

Justin Fields Passing Attempts

  • Over 28.5 -115
  • Under 28.5 -115

It’s one thing to set a total at a number that would be a career-high, but expecting a 30% increase from a previous career-high seems a little extreme. Even with the potential of throwing the ball late in the game to close ground, the number is a bit egregious. Fields is averaging 19.0 passing attempts per game as a starter.

Justin Fields Pass Completions

  • Over 18.5 -115
  • Under 18.5 -115

As is the case with his passing attempts number, his pass completions total is projecting a significant career-best performance. Fields has never had more than 12 completions in a game has never completed 65% of his passes as a starter.

This line predicts a 35% improvement from his previous best completion total which simply does not make sense when going against a top 10 passing defense in the league.

Justin Fields Rushing Total

While Fields may have the ability to run, he really hasn’t done much with his legs to this point. As a starter, he’s compiled a grand total of 25 yards in three games. Now, sportsbooks are setting a total well north of his season average.

Justin Fields Rushing Yards

  • Over 18.5 -115
  • Under 18.5 -115

Jameis Winston and Jared Goff have hit this mark against the Packers this season while Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Burrow and Jimmy Garoppolo have fallen short of it. The game has a 1 p.m. kick off and can be seen on FOX.

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