• Head Coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs will be making his second Super Bowl appearance at SB 54.
  • Reid has gotten Kansas City to its first Championship Game in over 50 years.
  • The Chiefs are favored to win the game according to sportsbooks.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Six NFL head coaches have preceded Kansas City Chief’s Andy Reid in bringing two separate teams to the Super Bowl. Reid took the Philadelphia Eagles to the Championship Game in 2005 where they lost to the New England Patriots 24-21.

It has taken him fifteen years to get back to the Super Bowl and surprisingly enough, it’s being hosted in the state of Florida like his first appearance.

Reid’s Coaching Company

Don Shula took the Baltimore Colts to the Super Bowl in 1968. From there, he went on to take the Miami Dolphins to the big game on five separate occasions in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1982, and 1984. He continues to hold the record for having the only team that went undefeated with his 1972 Super Bowl roster. He won two of the six Super Bowl games he coached and remains the winningest coach in NFL history.

Shula made it to the most Championships among the six others that took two franchises to the Super Bowl. Dan Reeves comes in second with four trips to the big game. Reeves took the Denver Broncos there three times; in 1986, 1987, and 1989. He went on to take the Atlanta Falcons to the Super Bowl in 1998. Reeves never won a Championship Title.

Bill Parcells “The Big Tuna” is definitely a household name. Any true NFL fan knows all of the coaches on this list but even those that do not follow the sport have heard of Parcells.

He was able to take the New York Giants to the Super Bowl in 1986 and 1990. After leaving the Giants he would later bring the New England Patriots to the 1996 championship game. He went two out of three for Super Bowl wins.

Mike Holmgren saw the inside of three Super Bowl stadiums. His first two came with the Green Bay Packers in 1996 and 1997. The third was with the Seattle Seahawks in 2005. He only took home one Super Bowl ring from his 1996 Packers showing.

The last two coaches each made it to two Super Bowls with two different organizations. Andy Reid has joined them to make it a trio.

John Fox took the Carolina Panthers to the Championship in 2003 and the Denver Broncos in 2013. He did not win either of these games.

And then there was Vermeil. Dick Vermeil. He went to two Super Bowl games and was able to win his second time around. The Philadelphia Eagles went in 1980 and then the St. Louis Rams in 1999. Reid is hoping to take a page from Vermeil’s playbook and come out with a victory at SB 54 with the Chiefs.

Vermeil and Reid have very similar backgrounds. They both went to their first Super Bowl games coaching the Philadelphia Eagles where they would lose.

They then took over ten years to make it to their next chance at a ring with a different franchise. Not only that, Vermeil formerly coached the Kansas City Chiefs himself. A superstitious person might think now is the time for Reid’s Super Bowl victory.

The Super Bowl starts at 6:30 p.m. EST February 2 in Miami. It will be televised on the FOX network. The Kansas City Chiefs are the 1.5-point favorite to win against the San Francisco 49ers. This is certainly the outcome Andy Reid is hoping for.

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