• Rams Pick’em is a free-to-play mobile app that allows fans to make real-time predictions during games for the chance to win exclusive prizes.
  • Sports betting in California has not yet been formally legalized, but there is a bill within the legislature.
  • Anyone in the U.S. is able to play Rams Pick’em except for those living in Rhode Island, New York, or Florida.

LOS ANGELES – While it may not be traditional sports betting in California, the new Rams Pick’em app is the closest many in the state have come to participate in the activity.

The Rams announced the new app in a press release before Saturday’s season opener against the Oakland Raiders. The app is a free-to-play mobile platform that gives viewers of Rams games the ability to make real-time predictions as the football game plays out.

Those that make the right predictions earn points and then have a chance to win exclusive prizes for each game such as game tickets, autographed merchandise, and even pre-game field passes.

“We are thrilled to bring our fans closer to the action with an engaging second-screen experience,” said Marissa Daly, Los Angeles Rams VP of Media. “We feel that out free-to-play predications game will be a fun way for fans to compete against one another while watching their Rams compete on the field.”

While fans are not technically putting money down to “bet the over” or putting money on the Rams to “beat the spread”, the questions found on Rams Pick’em are similar to other types of NFL prop bets that are found in traditional sportsbooks.

Throughout the season, those watching the game live will have a chance to pick from questions such as “Which of these players racks up 10+ rushing yards first” or “Which team completes a passing play of 30+ yards in the opening half.”

Since there are no sportsbooks in California as of now, the app gives many sports betting hopefuls a sign of what’s to come.

There is currently one sports betting bill within the California legislature and that bill is ACA 16. The bill was first introduced in June but has not seen any motion quite yet. The California legislature ends in September so time is running out on its ability to pass.

Because of the structure of California’s gambling industry and it’s current tribal compact, passing any sort of measure to bring legal sports betting to the Golden State will be difficult. Other states face similar issues, but Ram’s Pick’em app is actually available across the U.S.

Aside from those in Rhode Island, Florida, and New York, anyone 18 years old or older in the U.S. can sign up to use the platform.

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