The February 19th Democratic debate in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  • Michael Bloomberg joined the other Democratic candidates for the first time, resulting in a poor showing for the former NY Governor.
  • Bloomberg’s odds to win the Democratic nomination dropped following, while Bernie Sanders odds increased.
  • The debate led to odds shifting for all candidates with Super Tuesday a few days away.

LAS VEGAS – Former New York Governor Michael Bloomberg finally joined the other five Democratic candidates for the Las Vegas debate. The debate resulted in an onslaught of attacks geared towards Bloomberg, who seemed completely unprepared to rebuttal against anything thrown at him.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders managed to separate himself as the favorite to be the democratic candidate at legal sports betting sites. Betting odds have reflected both Sander’s successes from the night’s debate as well as Bloomberg’s fumbles.

Debate Shifting Odds

Coming into last night’s debate, Sanders was -400 to win the Nevada Caucus. Following the debate, his odds grew shorter, as the Bern now stands as the runaway favorite to win at -650.

Odds to Win Nevada Caucus:

  • Bernie Sanders: -650
  • Pete Buttigieg: +1500
  • Joe Biden: +900
  • Amy Klobuchar: +5000
  • Elizabeth Warren: +2500
  • Tom Steyer: +5000

Sanders’ main point during the debate was criticizing how billionaires, like Bloomberg, benefited greatly over the years while everyday workers have continued to struggle.

“We have enormous problems facing this country, and we cannot continue seeing a situation where in the last three years, billionaires in this country saw an $850 billion increase in their wealth,” said Sanders. “Congratulations, Mr. Bloomberg. But the average American last year saw less than a 1 percent increase in his or her income. That’s wrong.”

Elizabeth Warren also found herself on the forefront of success during the debate. Prior to the debate, Warren’s odds to win the Nevada Caucus were +3300 and now she stands at +2500.

This increase may be a result of how aggressive she was during the debate. Warren spoke the most out of any other candidate last night, having a total of 16 minutes and 35 seconds worth of speaking time. This aggressive approach put her back in the race, where she was slowly declining.

Talking Time During The Nevada Debate

  • Elizabeth Warren: 16:35
  • Amy Klobuchar: 16:03
  • Bernie Sanders: 15:15
  • Pete Buttigieg: 14:49
  • Joe Biden: 13:23
  • Mike Bloomberg: 13:22

Bullying Bloomberg

But the candidate who truly suffered from the debate was Bloomberg.

Bloomberg spent the entire debate on the defensive and failed to deal with any of the accusations against his character. The debate went so bad for Bloomberg, that President Donald Trump took to twitter, calling it “perhaps the worst in the history of debates, and there have been some really bad ones.”

Bloomberg spent the night dealing with 13 attacks from Sanders, 12 attacks from former Vice President Joe Biden, 11 attacks from Warren, 7 from Pete Buttigieg, as well as 2 attacks from Amy Klobuchar.

A core theme to these attacks involved the Stop-and-Frisk Act that Bloomberg implemented during his tenure as Mayor. Bloomberg has continued to apologize for the act, explaining during the debate that he was unaware of the excessiveness, especially towards minorities, being used by police officers at the time. Biden criticized this stance, exclaiming that Bloomberg was aware because countless individuals pointed it out to him, insinuating that he is only being apologetic for the sake of the election.

Bloomberg has a big hole to dig himself out of as the 2020 presidential election heats up.

After the ninth Democratic Debate, the odds to win the Democratic nomination have shifted away from Bloomberg.

How The Odds Changed After The Nevada Debate

  • Bernie Sanders: Before +125 / After -140
  • Michael Bloomberg: Before +275 / After +400
  • Joe Biden: Before +1000 / After +800
  • Pete Buttigieg: Before +700 / After +1000
  • Elizabeth Warren: Before +2000 / After +2500

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