Tom Brady - Phil Mickelson

  • There are many prop bets surrounding Capital One’s ‘The Match 4’ with Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson vs. Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau.
  • Aaron Rodgers has -140 odds to have the longest drive over Tom Brady.
  • Sports betting fans are wagering heavily at -125 for the score to be a tie after the first hole.

BIG SKY, Mont. – Sports betting fans who were looking to wager on the upcoming Capital Ones ‘The Match’ with Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson vs. Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau have a lot of prop bets at their disposal.

This charity golfing event is bringing out the books, as sports betting operators are hosting several betting lines for fans to wager on.

There are golf prop bets for who will win after hole 1, who will have the longest drive between Rodgers and Brady, and even if someone will hit a hole in one.

Prop Bets For Match Four

The first prop bet that sports betting fans should be interested in at online sportsbooks is the leader after hole one.

The Match Leader After Hole 1

  • Tie -125
  • DeChambeau/Rodgers +245
  • Mickelson/Brady +275

Most action is being placed on the score being a tie, so underdogs are bettors who wager on either pair to have a lead.

This betting line screams for longshot betting as both sides have fierce competitors going at it. With the sheer competitive drive between both opponents, both teams will definitely aim to have a lead early.

Rodgers and DeChambeau may be a wise wager for this one. Rodgers is well known as a solid golfer, with his best handicap being a 3.5.

DeChambeau is also a US Open Champion and a PGA Championship winner. The pair may be able to start things off early and get a solid lead, making their +245 long odds a steal at online sportsbooks.g

The next betting line gold fans should be paying attention to is who will have the longest drive between the two NFL QBs.

The Match Longest Drive – Brady v Rodgers

  • Aaron Rodgers -140
  • Tom Brady +100

The short odds are on Rodgers as his golfing resume is a bit more impressive than Brady’s. But that does not mean it’s over for Brady either.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have a long history as rivals, and you can guarantee Brady has been training hard to outshine Rodgers during The Match. Additionally, Brady lost the previous The Match event against Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning.

Brady could be extra motivated to redeem himself and come out swinging.

If Brady has a lucky stroke, or Rodgers comes in and underperforms for what bettors expect, longshot betting fans who leaned in on Brady’s odds could come out cashing in big.

The final prop bet at legal sports betting sites that could net big wins is if anyone will hit a hole in one.

The Match Any Player to record a Hole-in-One

  • No -25000
  • Yes +2500

Now, this betting line is the hardest to come through, as a hole-in-one is the rarest move a golfer can hit. However, it is hard to ignore +2500 odds.

If any of the golfers get a lucky hole in one, sports betting fans will be cashing in heavily. Even with the likelihood of this event happening being low, 12,500 to 1 to be exact, longshot betting is all about taking placing wagers where the odds are stacked against a victory.

Because if a hole in one is hit, then many golf betting longshot bettors who took that risk will see a big payday.

Capital Ones The Match will tee off on Tuesday.

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