New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu is favored at -5000 odds to retain his seat as governor.

  • The Gubernatorial races have 11 states electing a governor to a new term on Nov 3, 2020.
  • Indiana, New Hampshire, and Vermont seem to be a lock with the incumbent governor as the heavy favorite.
  • Missouri, Montana, and North Carolina are the more contentious races where either candidate could take the seat.

WASHINGTON Election Day 2020 will not only elect the POTUS but for 11 states it will determine the highest power in state government, the governor.

The odds for Gubernatorial races are ready to be bet on through online legal sports betting sites with some odds favoring a huge blowout win and some narrow chances of victory.

Locks for the Governor Race

There are multiple states with huge favorites for winning the office of Governor that are positioning themselves as complete locks including Indiana, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Indiana Gubernatorial Election Odds

  • Eric Holcomb (R) -2500
  • Donald Rainwater (L) +1500
  • Woody Myers (D) +2200

New Hampshire Gubernatorial Election Odds

  • Chris Sununu (R) -5000
  • Dan Feltes (D) +1100

Vermont Gubernatorial Election Odds

  • Phil Scott (R) -3300
  • David Zuckerman (D) +950

Each of these states has its incumbent governor as huge favorites to be re-elected and it could be that all of the states’ residents approve of the number one issue in America, COVID-19, and the response by the governor.

In New Hampshire’s case, it will be the third time that Governor Chris Sununu has run for the two-year term of office. He’s won the past two elections and in the last election in 2018 Sununu pulled away with 52.78% of the vote.

With all of these incumbents favored to be reelected, it shows that there is still a separation between states and national politics since the incumbent President is not doing well in Presidential odds.

Governor Election Odds Up For Grabs

Missouri Gubernatorial Election Odds

  • Mike Parson -2900
  • Nicole Galloway +900

Though odds are heavily favoring incumbent Mike Parson, it seems that it may not be in the bag completely and a definite state to watch. Gov. Parson’s COVID-19 response is a large part of why voters may not be ready to re-elect him though Donald Trump is expected to easily win the state.

Nicole Galloway is a certified public accountant, fraud examiner, the only woman or Democrat holding statewide office, and will be the first woman governor in the state of Missouri.

“You could write down a dream candidate on paper, and Nicole Galloway would still be better,” said Christina Amestoy, Democratic Governors Association spokesperson.

As Galloway is running on her record of exposing political corruption and fraud, she could sneak the win because Missouri residents are excited about something new.

Montana Gubernatorial Election Odds

  • Greg Gianforte (R) -500
  • Mike Cooney (D) +330

With the current Montana governor Steve Bullock running for Senate after being term-limited and even with spikes in COVID cases, the two candidates have not made the virus a major talking point even with Mike Conney being Bullock’s lieutenant governor. This race seems to be the most contested governor’s race as they have been seen as virtually tied since the primary.

According to Fivethirtyeight’s race rating, it is a toss-up even with the average October polling giving Greg Gianforte a 5-point lead in the state.

As a tech billionaire, Gianforte has run a similar campaign to Donald Trump in 2016 and is promising cutting regulation and reducing taxes. He also has huge funding to his campaign with $11.2 million raised in late October with $7.6 million of that self-funded which could be boating him above his competition.

North Carolina Gubernatorial Election Odds

  • Roy Cooper (D) -650
  • Dan Forest (R) +400

Governor Roy Cooper is another incumbent candidate that is favored to take the seat but is running against the state’s lieutenant governor, Dan Forest. Like for most states, coronavirus response is the most important factor to voters and in fact, the two have bumped heads.

Lt. Gov. Forest criticized the response by the governor and even filed a lawsuit arguing that a governor should not have the power to issue COVID-19 executive orders without consulting the lieutenant but he later dropped the suit.

Though the odds and polling have narrowed for reelecting Cooper, there are still many voters who seem to like his coronavirus response and it would be shocking to many if Forest pulled out a win.

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