• is expected to join the sports wagering world in the future as they are now the proud owners of
  • would be an online and mobile sports betting platform in regulated markets both in the nation and internationally.

AUSTIN, Texas – The acceptance and popularity of regulated sports betting in the United States is becoming even bigger, as announced on Monday that they’ve purchased the domain for a future crossover into online sports wagering. is not exclusive to the U.S., having other interests around the world including Mexico where their operators hold sports gaming licenses on top of lottery licenses, making for a smooth transition with their Mexican partners through this new deal.

“The acquisition of the domain is an important first step in entering the sports betting vertical,” said Tony DiMatteo, CEO of “The brand name is a perfect fit for us, and this product pairing is special in the marketplace, as the lottery is one of the most popular games in the world. Our goal is to leverage our favorable customer acquisition costs and platform to efficiently drive growth for and parlay it into other related products.”

What Will Customers See Through This Acquisition?

Jason Robins, the CEO of DraftKings is listed as an advisor and investor for Paraag Marathe, President of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers Enterprises is also a part of the company. With two huge names in sports betting and the sports world on the Board, having enter into the sports gaming business seems like the natural move for the gambling platform. will likely be an internet and mobile sportsbook for the company. Any state that has access to may not have access to though as it will vary by the regulations set out in each state. However, if there is a regulated sports betting market for online wagers, where exists, is expected have an open platform for players to use and bet on sporting events.

Up Ahead became a publicly owned business in February and joined the Nasdaq for investors of the stock market to be a part of the company by purchasing shares. With the acquiring of and the future plans of, the price of the overall stock is expected to spike, making for a good investment for those that are already shareholders.

Regulated sports betting is expected to become an even bigger market in 2021 nationwide. Currently, is open in California, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, DC, and Washington. Seven of these twelve locations have an active sports betting market.

In 2021, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota, New Jersey, and New York are expected to join the list. Four of these states have regulated sports betting, where could see entry into their markets in the future.

Through its tremendous track record for running a lucrative and modernized platform with their lottery business, and with Jason Robins as one of the minds behind the moves of the company, should be a success whenever it launches itself into the sports gaming industry.

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