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  • Regulated sports betting industries are in more states now than ever in 2021.
  • Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, and New York all hope to go live with their sports gaming markets before the year ends.
  • Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Ohio are all trying to pass legislation to regulate sportsbooks in their state this year.

NEW YORKSports betting across the United States is heating up in all forms of the industry. More states are looking to go live by the end of the year while others are trying to pass legislation to make sportsbooks a regulated market in their area. The nation is now home to more regulated sports betting states than ever.

States That Want To Launch Sports Betting From Now Through December 31

Regulated sports gaming has become a market by law in quite a few states in 2021 but there are a handful of these states that have not yet gone live with their industries. Connecticut, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, and New York are setting up for sportsbooks to open in their states sometime this year.

Connecticut will see sports betting next week at various locations with the Connecticut Lottery and mobile sportsbook platforms. Two tribal locations will also be opening soon. Louisiana expects to be rollout their sports wagering industry in October with temporary licensure occurring in the 55 of 64 parishes that voted for a regulated market.

The need for temporary licensing is due to the state not having everything in order as far as rules and regulations being made permanent through the proper timeline. However, Louisiana wants to be a part of all of the NFL betting activity that takes place during this time of year.

Florida should be able to have sportsbooks open after October 15. The Seminole Tribe will be able to launch mobile and retail sportsbooks. There are some lawsuits pending that could delay this rollout but currently, no such delays are expected.

Maryland is looking towards Thanksgiving to make its sports wagering industry official. Sports betting fans will have a lot more to be thankful for in the area as they will be able to gamble on sports using local platforms while stuffing their faces and their bankroll on the same day. Although New York would like to launch their mobile sports betting platforms by December, it is likely that the Empire State will not be able to reach that deadline and will have to shoot for the Super Bowl in February.

States That Still Have A Shot To Pass Legislation In 2021

Massachusetts is aiming toward passing sports betting in 2021 as their session goes for the entire year. In that same way of thinking, Ohio would like to get sports gaming passed and North Carolina would as well. The difference between North Carolina and the other two states is that their session does not go until the end of the year and they also have two retail sportsbooks at Harrah’s locations. However, this legislation would open mobile sports betting platforms and more locations to gamble on sports. The state has through October to decide on the expanded market becoming law in 2021.

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