Maryland General Assembly.

  • The Maryland General Assembly will be coming up with the rules and regulations for the newly legal sports betting market before they adjourn for 2021 in April.
  • Plenty of cities in the state want to be eligible to open sportsbooks to bring in tourism and overall funds to their towns and have filed bills with the state to reflect their interest.
  • Senate Bill 0871 is a bill that would give Washington County a sportsbook through a minor league or amateur baseball organization in the area if passed by the Assembly.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland sports betting was legalized last November and the 2021 legislative session is meant to give a structure for the rules and regulations of the new industry. But a number of bills, including one that wishes to have minor league teams operate sportsbooks, are flooding the General Assembly.

It seems everyone wants to have their shot for being included in the upcoming Maryland legal sports betting market.

Senator Paul Corderman (R-Washington), has filed a bill with the Senate to have his area of Maryland get a sportsbook. To do this, the bill would like a minor league baseball team or an Atlantic League of Professional Baseball organization located in the county to be eligible for a sports betting license.

The Bill On The Table

It is believed by Corderman that Washington County is the perfect spot to open a sports betting venue in the state because it’s so close to West Virginia. Many residents cross state lines to gamble on sporting events in West Virginia but if Washington were to be home to a sportsbook, the revenue from these wagers would stay in Maryland.

“This is us raising our hand saying we would like to be included,” said Corderman.

A number of other cities have filed similar forms of legislation requesting to have sportsbooks. The Maryland General Assembly is nowhere near close to coming up with the detailed landscape of how the legal sports betting market will be structured for the state.

How the industry will be taxed and where the revenue from sportsbooks will go specifically have yet to be identified. Although a bulk of revenue on all GGR is earmarked for the education system of Maryland as was part of the deal when the vote for legalization of the market took place in November. A projected $20 million is expected in annual revenue from the sports gaming industry of Maryland.

Now What?

Corderman has said that his bill will help to create a new revenue stream not only for the state but for his county as well. Profits from a sportsbook in his city could help in giving the town a boost after over a year of dealing with COVID-19 issues.

Many of the towns in Maryland seeking sports betting licenses all believe that the state will not only see funds coming from wagering on sports but also from tourism as the addition of sports wagering should see an uptick in those wanting to visit Maryland.

Senate Bill 0871, sponsored by Corderman to get a sportsbook in Washington County by way of an amateur baseball team will be heard by the Budget and Taxation Committee on March 3 at 1:00 p.m. EST.

The Maryland General Assembly adjourns for the 2021 session on April 12.

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