Todd Mcshay and Mel Kiper Jr.

  • Sportsbooks have listed a number of bets for the 2020 NFL Draft for sports bettors to participate in.
  • Two ESPN NFL Drafts experts have made a wager between one another for $5000 over which quarterback will be drafted third.

NEW YORKTodd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr., two NFL Draft experts with ESPN have differing views on what’s going to happen during the draft and have made a friendly bet on the NFL draft.

Utah State Aggies quarterback Jordan Love and Oregon Ducks quarterback Justin Herbert are both expected to be drafted but at what point in the draft? This is where the wager between the two experts lies.

What’s The Bet?

McShay has bet $5,000 that Jordan Love will be drafted third ahead of Justin Herbert. Kiper believes that Herbert will surely go ahead of Love in the draft order, and from that, a bet was born between the two. To seal the deal, they shook hands on it.

The loser will donate the $5,000 toThe V Foundation”, which is a foundation co-founded by sports legend Jim Valvano that funds finding a cure for cancer. Valvano died of the disease in 1993.

How Do Sportsbooks See The Two Players?

Multiple wagers are up for the 2020 NFL Draft on various legal sports betting sites. However, only a few mention both Love and Herbert. Sportsbooks are favoring Herbert to go before Love in the draft which would have McShay lose the bet to Kiper.

If this is the case, it proves that sports bettors should always go with the data and information placed before them, and not just gamble based on their favorite players or teams.

2nd QB Drafted

  • Tua Tagovaiola – (-205)
  • Justin Herbert – (+150)
  • Jordan Love – (+2800)

3rd QB Drafted

  • Justin Herbert – (-175)
  • Tua Tagovailoa – (+145)
  • Jordan Love – (+750)

What Others Are Saying?

It’s true that Jordan Love had a whole lot of love from football experts, being dubbed the next Patrick Mahomes. But after they truly began to break down the quarterback, they realized that he could go either way.

He isn’t a reliable player in terms of performance. When he’s on, he’s amazing but when he’s off, he’s terrible. There is no real balance which is why he’s fallen off the radar for being a higher draft pick.

Justin Herbert on the other hand, is a player that isn’t as hot and cold. He can be molded into an even better athlete and is slated to be drafted early in the first round.

In any event, everyone except McShay, believes that Herbert will be drafted ahead of Love for the 2020 NFL Draft.

The First Round of the NFL Draft will begin on Thursday at 8:00 p.m. EST. The event can be streamed by the NFL Network, ESPN, or ABC platforms. Unfortunately, McShay won’t be covering the Draft as he announced on twitter he is recovering from COVID-19.

But the show must go on. McShay, along with others betting on the NFL Draft will see how their wagers result in the coming days.

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