Super Bowl 54 will bring a large profit to the Miami Dolphins despite them not playing.

  • The Miami Dolphins will still profit from Super Bowl LIV despite not playing.
  • Team owner Steve Ross struck a deal with Miami Dade County that has a percentage of revenue from major events at Hard Rock Stadium be issued to the team.
  • Dolphins stand to make $4 million from Super Bowl LIV.

MIAMI – Despite finishing the season with an abysmal 5-11 record and missing out on the coveted number one draft pick, the Miami Dolphins still stand to win with Super Bowl 54 coming to the city.

Thanks to a deal between Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and Miami Dade County Officials, the Dolphins get paid annual bonuses based on major events at Hard Rock Stadium. This payout is funded by tax revenue from hotels.

Dolphins Super Bowl Win

The Dolphins stand to stand to take in $4 million for there part in keeping Hard Rock Stadium, home to the Miami Dolphins, prime real estate for events such as Super Bowl 54.

In 2014, Ross curated a $500 million partnership with Miami Dade County that would see the Dolphins privately fund renovations of Hard Rock Stadium. These renovations are intended to keep Hard Rock Stadium as a premier destination for major events.

Miami Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez expressed his gratitude towards the Dolphins organization saying “Without their at least $500 million commitment to the stadium, Super Bowl would never come to Miami. Thank you to the Miami Dolphins organization and Hard Rock Stadium.”

The tax-funded $4 million that will be sent to the Dolphins is a good slice of the overall budget for hosting the big game. Miami Dade is expected to spend upwards of $20 million in preparations.

The county has no problem making this Super Bowl Bet, as the potential intake far out ways any expenses.

Miami-Dade Also Winning

The biggest NFL event in the year is sure to have hundreds of thousands of fans engaged in a slew of activities, including spending a lot of money.

Last year’s host, Atlanta, took in an economic bonus of $186 million and Miami is expecting similar benefits this year.

With the influx of tourists and celebrities, as well as locals participating in the festivities, the entire city is going to be host to a lot of spending.

Due to this, it’s understandable why Miami Dade has no problem paying the Dolphins. Them keeping up Hard Rock stadium is what allows the city to host things like the Super Bowl.

Mayor Gimenez exclaims “I don’t think the Super Bowl would have come to Miami-Dade County without an incentives package. So a $4 million incentives package, with money coming from our tourist taxes, for huge marquee events like the Super Bowl that draw 100 million people watching on TV is well worth it to continue to elevate our county’s brand globally.”

This will be Miami’s 11th time hosting a Super Bowl, giving it the record for most hosted city.

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