• Fox Bet will have the ability to use official MLB data for sports bets.
  • MLB will receive branding rights within the Fox Bet network.
  • Fox Bet currently operates in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Fox Bet announced last week that they are now in a multiyear partnership with Major League Baseball.

Through this partnership, Fox Bet will be allowed to use the official MLB data for their mobile sportsbook. The use of the official league data will help increase the accuracy of the odds on Fox Bet. Robin Chhabra, the chief executive officer of Fox Bet, indicates that official league data will improve user experience.

“We continue to see a great appetite for the Fox Bet app as well as Fox Sports Super 6. Having a partnership with MLB enables us to use official MLB data and league marks, providing a better experience for our customers and comes just in time as the League Championship Series and the World Series kick into high gear,” said Chhabra.

The timing of this partnership aligns with the MLB season. The World Series starts on Tuesday with the Washington Nationals taking on the Houston Astros. Fox Bet is currently operating in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. People in these two states who are looking to accurately bet on the World Series can now use Fox Bet to do so.

The MLB will also receive some benefits from this. On Fox Bet apps, official MLB branding will be posted around for people to see. This will help the MLB increase fan engagement in states where Fox Bet operates.

This is also not the first legal sports betting partnership that the MLB has forged. Back in August, the MLB partnered with FanDuel in a similar fashion. DraftKings is also a sports betting partner for the MLB. In all likeliness, the MLB and other sports leagues will continue to gain sports betting partners in the near future.

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