Mississippi sports betting revenue sees an increase

  • ports betting revenue for Mississippi was $1.3 million for the month of July with the comeback of sports.
  • June revenue saw a loss of $62,230.77 for the Mississippi sports betting market.

BILOXI, Miss.The Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC) has released its July revenue reports which shows a dramatic increase in revenue from a month to month comparison through MS sports betting.

But, while total gaming figures were up from June, they were 40.8% lower than they were in July 2019.

The numbers from both the month-to-month and year-over-year and the differences they show can all be attributed to the effects that the outbreak of COVID-19 has caused to sporting events and sports betting nationwide, not just in Mississippi.

With most major sports being on hiatus for months, wagering on them wasn’t available which caused the drop along with the mandatory shutdown of casinos where MS sportsbooks are located.

Sports Brings Back Betting And Casinos Open For Gambling

In July, major sports leagues began to make their comeback. With this comeback, an influx of betting occurred because there were now events to gamble on.

The most wagered on sport for the Central region was baseball with $492,556.37 in bets made. Parlays brought in $235,256.95 and basketball saw $151,241.50 worth of action. Total combined revenue was $180,495.82 for the Central region of the state as was recorded in the report by the MGC.

As for casino sports betting as a whole statewide, it brought in $1.3 million in revenue after seeing a $62,230.77 loss for June.

Surprisingly, they managed to do better than in July of 2019 when they brought in $1.1 million in revenue. In June, they saw $1.6 million placed on sports matchups while July had a $7.9 million handle wagered within the casino’s sportsbooks.

When regular sports were not available, sports betting was still occurring with obscure events that operators would list as “other” on their reports.

There was $1.9 million of the handle in the Coastal region wagered on “other” which totaled $137,311.02 in revenue from this category.

Throughout all the regions of Mississippi, betting on baseball proved to be the most popular. Plenty of baseball fans are spread throughout the state but football may prove to be even bigger when the season rolls around shortly.

Back To A New Normal

Mississippi sports betting revenue should continue to rise as sports continue to be played and the handle for the state rises with it. Baseball is a big sport in the state; however, NFL season is coming up and as a nation, that is the biggest time of year for sports betting.

With almost $8 million gambled in July and over a million dollars in revenue to show for it, the Hospitality State is beginning to show some greatly needed hospitality with revenue by way of legal sports wagering once again.

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