Sports bettors from New York City are placing their bets at New Jersey train stations.

  • Over 80 percent of sports bets in New Jersey come from mobile and online wagers.
  • There is no mobile sports wagering in New York.
  • People from New York City are looking towards New Jersey to make their bets.

HOBOKEN, N.J. – People from New York City are traveling to New Jersey to make their sports bets. However, some aren’t even leaving the train stations before they lock in their bet and head right back.

Heading To New Jersey

Ever since mobile betting was introduced in the Garden State, people from New York City have been using the trains to go to New Jersey to bet on sports. Sports bars that are near train stations in New Jersey are seeing plenty of bettors from New York come in.

It is not just bars that are seeing an influx of sports bettors. People from New York City would just stay in train stations or go to nearby locations to bet on sports.

“On Saturday and Sunday, you see those locations light up. People are coming in to place bets and traveling back to the city,” said Yaniv Sherman from 888 Holdings.

The mobile sports betting market in New Jersey brings in the greatest number of sports bets. New Jersey sports betting laws allow anyone to sign up no matter where they are in the state. Thanks to that, New Yorkers who are just visiting the state can sign up and start betting while they are in New Jersey.

This has proven to work ever since New Jersey sports betting launched. Revenue reports show that 80 percent of sports bets in New Jersey come from mobile wagers. The high number not only comes from people from New Jersey but from visitors from New York City.

A Lack Of Mobile In New York

The main reason why residents of New York City are coming to New Jersey is because of mobile sports betting. Placing wagers on sports is completely legal in New York right now. The key aspect to note is that sports betting is only available in certain locations. Sportsbooks in New York are near Buffalo and in various casinos upstate.

Voters in the state did originally pass gambling laws without any mention of online or mobile sports betting. In 2019, lawmakers attempted to amend that by creating new sports betting laws. Those attempts ended in failure and ultimately, New York still does not have mobile sports betting.

This leaves people in New York City with two options. They can travel five hours upstate to bet or travel 30 minutes to New Jersey to place their bets. Most have chosen to go across the New Jersey border to place their wagers.

There are talks about New York lawmakers trying to pass a bill again in 2020. But some analysts believe that mobile wagering could be pushed back all the way to 2022 before it becomes a reality.

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