New York State Senator Joseph Addabbo is aiming to legalize mobile sports betting to help fix the state deficit problems.

  • Sports betting in New York became active in 2019.
  • State Senator Joseph Addabbo will renew efforts to legalize mobile wagering.
  • The state of New York has a $6 billion budget deficit.

ALBANY, N.Y. – State Senator Joseph Addabbo said on Thursday that he plans on renewing his efforts to legalize mobile sports betting in New York.

A $6 Billion Deficit

The year 2020 is a budget year for the state of New York. It will prove to be a difficult budget year because New York currently has a $6 billion deficit. During the State of the State, Governor Andrew Cuomo did not offer many specifics on how he plans to fix the upcoming deficit. State Senator Joseph Addabbo has an idea of how to fix the deficit.

“First and foremost, to address these issues, I will continue to advocate for the implementation of mobile sports betting in New York State, which will curb the flow of dollars to nearby states, that could be used, now and in the future, to balance the state budget and provide needed funding support for education and create jobs,” said Sen. Addabbo.

Throughout the majority of 2019, Sen. Addabbo made attempts to legalize mobile wagering in New York. Although sportsbooks did open in upstate New York, Sen. Addabbo thought that mobile sports betting is necessary.

The sportsbooks that did open in New York are about five to six hours away from New York City. Because of that, many bettors in New York City are not using New York sportsbooks.

Reports have shown that most New Yorkers are heading to New Jersey to bet on sports. This is primarily because New Jersey has online sportsbooks and is much closer to New York City.

Bringing Bettors Home

The money that New York sports bettors are spending in New Jersey could go to fixing the state deficit. To prevent more dollars from leaving New York to New Jersey, Sen. Addabbo will reignite his efforts to legalize mobile sports betting. Doing so will allow bettors in New York City to stay in the city to make their bets.

That is not the only plan Sen. Addabbo has offered. Currently, there are three sports betting licenses that are unused in New York. Sen. Addabbo would like to see those licenses come downstate so nearby sports betting operators can use them. But without mobile, it is likely that bettors in New York City will continue to travel to New Jersey to wager on sports.

Sen. Addabbo is aware of this so he plans on pushing for mobile wagering. He will hold a public hearing on January 22 to put his sports betting resolutions in the spotlight.

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