Casinos are reopening amidst mass protests against police brutality

  • Nevada governor Steve Sisolak brings in the national guard as Las Vegas casinos set to reopen during the nationwide protests.
  • Sisolak ensures the national guard is not there to prevent protests but only to ensure a safe relaunch of casinos.
  • Casinos are able to relaunch starting June 4 as long as proper reopening plans are approved by the Gaming Control Board.

LAS VEGASLas Vegas casinos are initiating plans to reopen, allowing residents and tourists to return to gambling and sports betting.

The timing of the reopening just so happens to coincide with the nationwide protests against police brutality and racial divisions in the country.

Las Vegas is not exempt from the massive looting and property damage caused by riots, and Governor Steve Sisolak has brought in the National Guard to prevent rioters from affecting the reopening of casinos.

Sisolak has ensured his residents that the national guard will not be affecting protestors but instead protecting essential businesses and public safety.

Las Vegas Casinos Return

The return of casinos is the second phase of Nevada’s reopening directive. Game properties will be able to open doors as early as 12:01 am on Thursday, June 4.

This is under the condition that the casinos reopening plans have been approved by the Gaming Control Board.

“The casino resorts are empowered to set their own reopening times,” read a statement from the governor’s. “The Governor and the Gaming Control Board have committed, from day one, that reopening would be conducted in a manner aimed at protecting the public health of Nevadans and visitors.”

This is the perfect time for Las Vegas to reopen its casinos and sportsbooks as major sporting leagues like the NBA are looking to return.

Nevada is the biggest gambling city in the country, with the casinos being closed they have been missing out on millions in revenue due to the shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Protests Affecting Reopening

The current protests and subsequent curfew could greatly affect the reopening of casinos, however. Las Vegas councilman Stavros Anthony expressed concern over the chaos affecting citizens from coming to casinos.

“I think the violent protests being watched on national television will affect the opening of our casinos; I think the curfew could,” said Anthony.

The national guard being called in for the reopening of casinos was a direct response to a shooting that occurred just outside of the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino.

Officer Shay Mikalonis was shot and critically injured during an attempted arrest of protestors. A by-stander opened fire on the 29-year-old officer, leading to the governor’s decision to get the national guard.

Sisolak ensures residents via a tweet that the national guard will not be imposing on peaceful protestors or arresting anyone, instead, they will be taking part in crowed control and protecting and preserving public safety.

With the return of many sporting events and leagues, it makes sense that Nevada is eager to reopen its major casinos and sportsbooks.

Still, Nevada residents have access to sports betting at legal betting sites, which seems like the safest betting option for the moment.

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