NBA Basketball

  • The Atlanta Hawks have -550 odds to make the playoffs.
  • The Charlotte Hornets have +180 odds to make the playoffs.
  • There are totals for games won by the Chicago Bulls are set at 42.5.

ATLANTA – The NBA season’s official schedule has been released and is having a direct impact on how betting fans are wagering at online sportsbooks.

Teams like the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Chicago Bulls are interesting cases due to their offseason moves, young rosters, and players returning from injuries that will greatly impact their season win totals as well as their odds to make the playoffs.

Looking at each team’s schedule for the season can better benefit futures NBA betting fans to cash in on these season-ending wagers.

Atlanta Hawks

Looking at the Hawks, they are coming off of an impressive season where they shocked the NBA world, beating two teams that they were underdogs against in the playoffs and making it to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Sportsbooks did not have them making the playoffs at all last season, but now they are favored to claim a playoff spot and run in back with their young core.

To Make the Playoffs Atlanta Hawks

  • Yes -550
  • No +375

With the schedule being released, sportsbooks have set the Hawks’ win total set at 46.5 games. The Hawks won 41 games during the 2020-2021 season, which only had 72 games total, as they claimed the 5th seed.

Their record does not tell the full story of their season, however. The Hawks began the season poorly, being a sub -.500 team and sitting at the 11th seed with a 14-20 record headed into All-Star break.

The front office fired Lloyd Pierce and replaced him with assistant coach Nate McMillan. Under his leadership, the team went on a 27-11 run.

With a full season of McMillan at the helm, and the team managing to secure John Collins contract, it is not farfetched to assume Atlanta could outpace the 46.5 win totals, and of course, make the playoffs in the Eastern Conference.

Charlotte Hornets

The Charlotte Hornets were in the playoff hunt prior to injuries to Gordon Hayward and LaMelo Ball. Both players will be coming back this season fully recovered.

In addition to the two stars, Charlotte moved on from PG Devonte Graham, likely to free up room for Ball as the primary floor general, and resigned Terry Rozier solidifying their backcourt.

With the roster being intact, they could continue to go for a playoff push, making their longshot odds to make the playoffs appealing.

To Make the Playoffs Charlotte Hornets

  • No -220
  • Yes +180

Sportsbooks have the Hornets win totals set at 38.5 games. The Hornets won 33 games during the 2020-2021 season.

The Hornets’ first 20 games will be against an OppPCT of 0.490 more which means they will be facing more sub -.500 teams than winning teams to start the season. If Charlotte can capitalize on the easy early schedule they could get off to an early start in the East.

The Eastern Conference has historically seen teams with bad records squeeze into the postseason due to how poor the rest of the East is.

Additionally, the return of the play in tournament can be a major benefit to Charlotte’s chances to secure a playoff spot should they wind up with a 9 or 10 position in the conference.

Chicago Bulls

The Chicago Bulls have made a complete roster reforming during the offseason, acquiring both Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan during free agency and drafting some promising young talent.

Despite only winning 22 games last season, these offseason moves have sportsbooks setting their potential win total to 42.5. Additionally, the Bulls have modest odds to make the playoffs, a feat that has not occurred since 2017.

To Make the Playoffs Chicago Bulls

  • Yes -155
  • No +125

The Bulls were also able to lock down star guard Zach LaVine which solidifies the team starting core in Ball, DeRozan, and LaVine.

Chicago does have the talent to make a run in the East, but these players have not played together yet and may have to do some adjustments early on in the season.

Additionally, the first 20 games of the season will see the Bulls face an OppPCT of 0.517. The Bulls have big early games against the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, and Miami Heat that will truly test them.

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