eNASCAR racing on iRacing

  • New Hampshire sportsbooks will take wagers on eNASCAR races.
  • eNASCAR races will take place on the iRacing game platform.
  • New Hampshire Lottery wants to diversify offerings amid coronavirus pandemic.

CONCORD, N.H.New Hampshire sportsbooks will begin to take bets on eNASCAR events, starting on Tuesday.

The approval for taking eNASCAR events was done through the New Hampshire Lottery. All New Hampshire sports betting events are approved for wagering through the Lottery.

Giving New Hampshire More Betting Options

“The New Hampshire Lottery is constantly looking for ways to engage our players and to attract new audiences and eNASCAR represents a strategic addition to our sports betting portfolio,” said Charlie McIntyre, executive director of New Hampshire Lottery.

The eNASCAR racing bets will be added to the DraftKings online sportsbook in New Hampshire. Although it is always good to diversify the number of legal sports betting options, that is not the only reason why New Hampshire is adding eNASCAR.

Ever since the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic stopped all major sports leagues, sportsbooks around the world have been struggling. To compensate, several sportsbooks around the country had to expand their sports betting offerings to help weather the storm.

For example, both New Jersey and Nevada have approved eNASCAR betting about two weeks ago. Doing so allows sportsbooks to receive income from bets on unique games.

The next eNASCAR event will be on the iRacing platform and it will be the Coca-Cola iRacing Series. The series will feature professional car NASCAR racers trying to win the online event in a race that will simulate the actual cars and the actual track.

In a world without any major sports leagues playing, eNASCAR has become increasingly popular. The eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series that happened a few weeks ago drew in millions of viewers.

During these times without many sports leagues, iRacing events have taken over as a major form of entertainment for sports bettors. As it gains more popularity, it is likely that more states will approve betting on such events. This, in turn, will likely increase the number of esports betting opportunities that will become available in the future as well.

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