NY Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

  • Lawmakers in New York are polling assembly members to see if mobile sports betting will be voted into law during the next session.
  • The push for mobile betting comes from the New York economy being crippled by the coronavirus.
  • Carl Heastie, New York Assembly Speaker, is one of the prime supporters and was vehemently opposed to mobile betting in the past.

ALBANY, N.Y.Regulated mobile sports betting in New York may soon become a reality with a special session underway.

New York’s local economy has been affected greatly by the coronavirus shutdowns, leading to lawmakers to change their overall view on mobile betting. Leading the charge is New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, who in the past has been adamantly against online betting in New York alongside Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mobile New York Sports Betting

It has been a long and seemingly tedious journey for regulated online and mobile sports betting in the Empire state.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been strictly opposed to mobile betting every time its brought to a vote.

In past sessions, Carl Heastie has been on the governor’s side with the stance on mobile and online sports betting. However, the economic fall out of the coronavirus has changed Heastie’s, and other Assembly members’ tune.

“I was not favorably inclined in the past. But I’m open to mobile sports betting now because of the economic environment we’re in,” said Tom Abinanti, a New York Assemblyman. “New Jersey is doing well with it. New Jersey is taking money from New Yorkers.”

There is valid evidence that supports the millions of revenue dollars lost to New Jersey due to residents traveling across the bridge to bet online. While New York was an early adopter of regulated sports betting, the Empire State has fallen behind New Jersey in the sports betting arena primarily due to its stance on mobile and online betting.

New York is adamantly trying to regain some form of money stream in an attempt to recover from losses due to COVID-19. Mobile and online sports betting may be its saving grace.

If the Assembly votes in favor of mobile and online sports betting, it won’t be long before several legal sports betting sites are launched.

New York bettors don’t have to wait for the results of the session to bet on sports, however, as several retail sportsbooks are going to reopen to all New York residents next week.

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