Newgioco Group is an international sports betting technology provider based in Toronto, Canada.
Newgioco has partnerships with multiple sports betting locations in the state of Montana.

Tallahassee, Fla. – In an ever-increasing and competitive sports betting industry, Newgioco Group took a major step forward this week. On Friday, the Canadian-based online sports gambling technology provider announced the launch of their second-generation mobile web platform.

“Our unique, high-performance second-generation mobile platform is designed from the ground up on our powerful and modular ELYS sports betting engine to win head-to-head against some of our largest peer competitors,” said Michele Ciavarella, CEO of Newgioco.

The company, which is aiming to make an impact in the US sports betting market, will face stiff competition as they try to expand.

So far Newgioco has partnerships within the state of Montana. Montana was the first state to legalize sports wagering in 2019. Newgioco reached a deal with the Chippewa Cree Tribe in April which gives them the rights to deploy the company’s ELYS sports betting platform at the Northern Winz Casino.

Newgioco also has a deal in place with Fleetwood Gaming in Montana and will be able to distribute their ELYS sports and virtual betting products in certain locations across the state.

The second-generation of their mobile platform comes after several other states have legalized online sports wagering in 2019, including Tennessee, Iowa, and Indiana.

“The feature-rich design of our mobile experience, which is central to the highly anticipated execution of our common-sense U.S legal sports betting strategy, has been a key development project coded by our exceptional software team under project manager Federico Reisenaur,” said Ciavarella.

Other Newgioco executives also showed a bit of enthusiasm with the revamp of the company’s flagship application.

“The modular design allows Newgioco mobile to quickly go-to-market with plug-and-play features for certain U.S. markets with remarkable speed and cost efficiency, while end users quickly get to the desired bet ticket with just a few clicks,” said Luca Pasquini, Chief Technology Officer of Newgioco.

A glimpse of the new mobile platform can be seen by visiting their website through your mobile browser.

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