Mekhi Becton was flagged during his NFL Combine drug test.

  • Mekhi Becton’s odds to be the first offensive linemen vary on different sportsbooks, going from +300 to +800.
  • Becton will have to go through the NFL’s Drug Intervention program for no more than 60 days.
  • The Louisville Cardinals product is considered a potential top ten draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

LAS VEGAS – With the 2020 NFL Draft beginning on Thursday, new reports show that top offensive linemen Mekhi Becton was flagged for his drug test during the 2020 NFL Combine February. Becton is considered a top ten pick in this year’s draft and has odds to potentially be the first o-linemen selected.

According to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, if Becton doesn’t get flagged again during the NFL’s 60-day Drug Intervention Program, he will keep the same status as if he’d never been through the program at all.

This new rule, along with his performance throughout college and in the NFL Combine, may help explain why his NFL Draft Odds have remained relatively unchanged.

Mekhi Becton Draft Odds

Those who bet on the NFL, have surely seen the great influx in NFL Draft odds being offered this season.

The betting lines this year go far beyond just the first few picks or the first few quarterbacks. Oddsmakers this year tackle every position and every pick in the first few rounds because COVID-19 has left the sports betting world dry.

Mekhi Becton’s odds to be drafted are no exception to this, as his name appears in multiple sportsbooks for the first offensive lineman taken in the draft. On certain books Becton’s draft odds are at +800, well behind the likes of Jedrick Wills Jr. (+125), Tristan Wirfs (+135), and Andre Thomas (+375).

However, on other legal sports betting sites Becton’s odds are much shorter with some sportsbooks giving the Louisville Cardinals prospect the second shortest odds to be the first o-lineman selected at +300.

While these are still relatively long odds, they were primed to be a possible dark horse pick that sports bettors looking through the influx of NFL Draft odds could’ve chosen.

The flagged drug test could have both teams and bettors second-guessing that pick, though only time will tell.

The NFL Draft begins this Thursday, April 23, at 8 p.m. EST.

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