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  • NFL owners have voted to approve in-stadium sports betting starting in the 2023 season.
  • Revenue from this gambling is expected to be shared with other teams after a threshold is reached.
  • The Washington Commanders are currently the only team to feature an in-stadium sportsbook, but the approval may mean many more are on the way.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Following an NFL owners’ meeting at the end of March, physical sportsbooks will be allowed to operate on game days. This signals a move towards a new philosophy for the NFL, where they are fully embracing legal sports betting as part of the business.

For now, this would only impact the Washington Commanders, as they are the only team with an NFL sportsbookin their stadium. But it does open the door for many more teams to follow through partnerships alongside sportsbook operators that can now function during game days.

The Details of the Development

Prior to this vote, in-stadium sportsbooks were not allowed to operate during days where the team is playing games at the venue.

Other teams like the Arizona Cardinals and the New York Giants/Jets feature a nearby legal sportsbook, but do not have one inside their physical stadium.

The NFL has also opted to implement a system wherein the teams that gain revenue from in-stadium sportsbooks will keep their first $20 million and then afterwards share with the rest of the league. This is a mechanism meant to help teams located in states that do not allow gambling, as they are often bet on or against when traveling to states with legal sports betting.

As expected, NFL owners are now better understanding that sports betting is an extra revenue source rather than something that goes against the league and its principles.

With the NFL now allowing these game day bets, it can be reasonably expected that NFL teams and stadiums will be looking into more potential partnerships with legal sportsbooks.

A huge boon for the future of NFL betting, ownership is learning to accept and incorporate betting across the league. NFL fans should certainly be excited about the prospects of going their favorite team’s stadium and placing a bet in-person before the game.

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