Tom Brady is moving on from the New England Patriots.

  • Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have decided to part ways making the quarterback fair game and a great bet for sportsbooks as to where he will play next.
  • NFL Free Agency betting is a big category for sportsbooks as teams build their rosters for the upcoming season.

NEW YORK – When all other sports are down for the count due to Coronavirus suspensions, NFL free agency is alive and kicking with a ton of betting odds to prove it.

Sports bettors can gamble on numerous wagers listed for the NFL and individual players like Tom Brady’s 2020 future with the league. The new football season is set to begin on September 10.

Tom Brady Is No Longer A New England Patriot

The biggest news is that Tom Brady will no longer be a part of the New England Patriots organization after 20 years as their quarterback. Brady gave the Patriots six Super Bowl rings over the course of his career.

He, along with coach Bill Belichick created a dynasty together. However, the 42-year-old player will now be playing elsewhere for the upcoming season, but where will he be going? That is one of the bets that can be made at online sportsbooks such as BetOnline.

For the category of “What team will Tom Brady be on Week 1?” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the favorite with odds of (-150). A close second is the Los Angeles Chargers (+150). Following the Bucs and the Chargers are the Indianapolis Colts (+500), the San Francisco 49ers (+800), the Miami Dolphins (+1400), the Chicago Bears (+1600), and the Dallas Cowboys (+2000).

A second Brady bet asks, “Will Tom Brady win the 2021 Super Bowl?” Bookmakers believe not (-3000) with “Yes” receiving odds of +1500.

Other NFL Free Agency Bets To Be Made

There are seven other bets listed for the NFL, for a total of nine wagers overall that sports bettors can get in on while all other games have ceased momentarily. Plus, the earlier a bet is made, the odds tend to be better which would allow for a greater payout come football season.

Where will Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton be playing in week one of the regular season? The Chicago Bears are the favored answer with odds of +300 with the New England Patriots behind them at +350.

A number of other teams are also given odds to take Dalton. There has been talk that Dalton will be a Patriot come the new season with Tom Brady gone.

Other players that have been included for bets on their future in the NFL include Jameis Winston, Melvin Gordon, and Phillip Rivers. Team wagers on who will start as a quarterback are listed for the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Chargers, and New England Patriots.

NFL Free Agency betting will continue to grow as teams continue to pick and choose players to represent them in the new season. Now is the time to get all of their athletes in order to make the best roster going into the 2020 season.

The timing couldn’t be better for those gambling on sports as they’ve just been given a whole new wave of wagers to be made by online sportsbooks while the sports world is currently on hiatus.

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