Oaks Farms being sued

  • Andrew Moste is suing Alfie Oakes, Steven Veneziano, and Oakes farms for illegal use of his DraftKings betting account.
  • Moste claims Veneziano used his DraftKings account and left him with a $93,000 tax bill.
  • Oakes Farms denies the allegations.

NAPLES, Fla.Oakes Farms CEO and owner Alfie Oakes and VP Steven Veneziano are being sued by a former employee who claims Veneziano illegally used his DraftKings account to bet on sports.

The use of his account and subsequent ID has left the plaintiff, Andrew Moste, owing the government $93,000 in taxes.

Oakes Farms denies the allegation, claiming no wrongdoing on their part. Both Oakes and Veneziano are prepared to fight the lawsuit in court with no plans to settle.

The People Vs. Oakes Farms

Andrew Moste’s claims that when he worked at Oakes Farms in 2018, VP Steven Veneziano requested to use his DraftKings account to partake in legal sports betting.

While Moste admits he agreed initially, his lawsuit claims he told his then-boss that he was no longer comfortable with the arrangement.

Moste claims that he stopped seeing withdrawals from his bank account, he assumed that Veneziano had stopped using his identity altogether. Instead, the VP changed the bank account to an Oakes farms bank account and continued to bet on sports.

Since the wagers were made under Moste’s account and name, he is legally responsible for the taxes owed from winnings.

According to Moste’s lawsuit, Veneziano accumulated over $216,000 in wins with more than $181,000 won after Moste told the VP he did not want him to continue using his account. $93,000 in taxes are owed from the winnings.

Oakes Farms have denied the claims, even stating that Moste was never an official employee but instead an independent contractor that worked for them. The defendants also claim Veneziano was well aware of the continued use of his betting account.

“The plaintiff is choosing to name Oakes Farms and Alfie Oakes to cast them in a false light as a tactic to extract a settlement payout,” said Steven Bracci, Oakes Farms lawyer who represents the defendants. “Oakes Farms will not be coerced into settlements based on frivolous complaints made by desperate individuals.”

The defendants claim that Moste “knowingly consented” for the use of his account and are prepared to prove that in court.

Moste also has claims that Veneziano offered Moste a bag of losing scratch-off tickets to file as gambling losses to offset the tax burden. Moste claims to have not accepted the offer while Oakes Farms denies the request all together.

This strange case will be headed to court. Both parties will present their evidence before a judge at an undetermined date.

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