Prop bets for the largest SB 54 wagers.

  • The number of prop bets for Super Bowl 54 continues to expand as the game gets closer.
  • Sportsbooks are listing wagers on what the largest bet on the game will be.

MIAMI – There are quite literally hundreds of Super Bowl 54 prop bets listed by sportsbooks and a few of them are centered around the biggest wagers for the night.

Chances are, NFL fans will already have some kind of skin in the game. But for some, instead of betting on the Super Bowl 54 odds themselves, they would rather bet on other sports bettors placing wagers on the big game.

Some of the most famous sports bettors are known to lay down large amounts on the Super Bowl and this year general sports bettors can find odds tailored around how much exactly those punters will put down.

Vegas Dave To Return?

Vegas Dave Oancea had 19 counts of placing illegal wagers at Vegas sportsbooks brought against him in 2017. The trial ended in 2019 with a plea deal resolution where the sports bettor was banned from entering or doing business with any sportsbook in the state of Nevada for three years as well as pay a $1000 fine.

The prop bet listed on BetOnline asks the question: What will the largest wager by Vegas Dave Oancea be on the Super Bowl?

Vegas Dave Odds

Odds are favored for the Under of $500,000 (-140) and an Over of $500,000 is listed at (+100).

But when asked if he would return to betting on sports, Vegas Dave said, I would have to be a complete moron.”

What About Floyd Money Mayweather?

Another big name on the sports betting scene is former professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather has been wagering on sports for years, often putting anywhere from $25,000 to $400,000 bets down on a regular basis.

Floyd Mayweather Super Bowl 54 Prop Bet Odds

The bet listed on Mayweather asks bettors what the biggest bet on Super Bowl 54 will be from the gambler. Under $1 million (-300) is the favored answer while Over $1 million (+200) comes in as the underdog.

What Can Las Vegas Expect?

The next bets are about the sportsbooks of Nevada. One asks what the largest wager taken by the sportsbooks in the state will be for Super Bowl 54. The odds for Over $2 million and Under $2 million are even at (-120) apiece.

Largest Super bowl Wager

The next sportsbook related bet lies in the total number of 7-figure wagers that will be taken by Nevada sports betting operators. The Over of 5 ½ total seven-figure and Under 5 ½ total seven-figure is again even at (-120) each. When it comes to wagering on bets related to the businesses accepting the bets, the odds are 50/50.

Odds On 7 Figure Wagers On SB 54

There are a ton of prop bets listed on various sportsbooks for the Super Bowl. More will be coming as the date grows nearer. Super Bowl 54 will kick off on Sunday, February 2, at 6:30 p.m. EST.

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