Which league will pay with Bitcoin first?

  • The NBA has a +200 odd of becoming the first professional league to pay its players in Bitcoin.
  • Both the NBA and the NFL have had players to voice their interest in being paid in cryptocurrency and both have denied the request.
  • As Bitcoin continues to grow in interest from the public and professional players it seems that these leagues are not far away from playing athletes in BTC

LAS VEGASBitcoin has become the most popular choice of currency for legal sports bettors and it could be on the verge of becoming the currency of choice for professional athletes as well.

As a digital form of currency that is designed to not have the flaws that tangible cash does, Bitcoin has been view as superior to hard cash because of how limitless it can be.

Bitcoin cannot be regulated by any countries’ governments and is a worldwide currency that could benefit many professional athletes.

With this, legal sports betting sites have predicted what leagues would pay its players first in the cryptocurrency.

Which Of The Following Leagues Will Have The First Player To Be Paid In Bitcoin?

  • NBA +200
  • NFL +220
  • NHL +250
  • MLB +400

Bitcoin began to rise in values in 2017 and peaked at just under $20,000 which increased intrigue from the mainstream public.

The NBA’s Sacramento Kings jumped on the currency early by accepting Bitcoin for tickets and promotional items in 2014.

In 2019, The Dallas Mavericks became the second team in the NBA to accept Bitcoin proving the NBA teams are interested or at the most understanding the crypto space. Also in 2019, players in the NFL began to speak out about wanting to be paid in Bitcoin but the NFL decline the offer.

The NBA has also denied a request for cryptocurrency transitions after not allowing Brooklyn Nets player Spencer Dinwiddie to turn his contract into a digital investment.

Dinwiddie made headlines about Bitcoin in connection to his contract recently by creating a GoFundMe for fans to raise the values of 2625.8 Bitcoin and he would allow fans to pick his next team.

The NBA was against allowing the fans to pick his team and Dinwiddle ended up giving al. the money he made to charity but he was happy to start a conversation.

It does not seem like it will be a long time before leagues began to allow the option of payment of cryptocurrency for professional Athletes.

The NBA might have the right player interest and the right players association to create the movement.

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