California is voting on Super Tuesday and Bernie Sanders is the front runner.

  • Bernie Sanders is continuing his campaign towards the Latino community in CA.
  • Joe Biden is sitting behind Sanders but he is not out of the race just yet.
  • Election Odds for the California Primary heavily favor Sanders winning.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—With Super Tuesday in full effect, California’s eyes look to be set on Bernie Sanders as he is favored to win the state.

Even though Joe Biden is not is first or second place in California, he could raise his percentage in order to tale away votes from Sanders. And while that might not help in him in winning the Golden State, it could still have an effect on presidential odds later.

With Bernie Sanders doing all he can to win California, the odds are in his favor as he is in first with the next closest candidate being Joe Biden.

California Democratic Primary Winner

  • Bernie Sanders -1200
  • Joe Biden +600
  • Elizabeth Warren +10000
  • Michael Bloomberg +10000

The odds counter what the polls are saying when it comes to Biden and Warren’s place in California. With over 400 delegates on the table in California, this difference could spell wonders for Biden’s presidential odds post-Super Tuesday.

But legal sports betting sites that feature these odds are only concerned with whichever candidate can get the most votes in California. The polls, the odds, and the ad campaigning all signify a comfortable win for Bernie Sanders in California.

Sanders Vs. Biden

Bernie Sanders is currently leading the odds list to win California according to legal sports betting sites. Sanders has been campaigning to the Latino community since the 2016 election and he plans on doing so again for his upcoming campaign in California.

He has had campaigns put on Spanish television stations across the state. His main outreach in the community is geared towards those in the Latino Community who are children of immigrants who came to the United States for a better opportunity.

Noting that voters are “being strategic—I think a lot of people who are undecided will break his way,” said Garcetti.

Joe Biden does not have the best chance of winning the election in California, but what he can do is steal votes away from Sanders.

Recent polls indicate that Biden is currently in third place with 11% of the votes while Sanders is in first with 18% and Elizabeth Warren in second. Biden also has the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti on his campaign.

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