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  • The LIV Golf Tour has been added as an approved Wager by the Ohio Casino Control Commission.
  • The April 25 decision permits Ohio sportsbooks to now create odds and receive bets for any golfers at the events.
  • The move signals a change in attitude towards LIV golf and brings it closer to PGA events as a result.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – As of Tuesday, LIV Golf betting has been added to Ohio’s approved wager list. Ohio residents will now be able to bet on Brooks Koepka, Cameron Smith, and all associated LIV Golf Tour members at their events.

The addition is set to allow Ohio sportsbooks to list odds for LIV Tour tournaments, such as their upcoming event in Singapore on April 28-30. The Ohio Casino Control Commission also approved NCAA Division 1 Men’s Tennis on the same day.

What is LIV Golf and What Does This Mean for Bettors?

LIV Golf was a new brand of golf competition that mirrors the PGA in many regards and was started in June of 2022. The league quickly grew in opposition of the PGA Tour and was able to poach some of its big players such as the aforementioned Koepka and Smith. Today, the league features 48 contracted players.

However, the league has faced much controversy due to their involvement with Saudi Arabia, which has been regarded as one of the more repressive countries in the world by the U.S. and similar Western nations. After LIV was launched the PGA Tour took a hard stance and disqualified all LIV-associated golfers from participating in PGA tour events.

When LIV golf betting odds were first being offered, they were considerably less popular than the PGA events happening. But sportsbooks and bettors alike are expected to slowly grow the brand.

With the Ohio Casino Control Commission now listing the LIV Golf Tour as an approved wager, there seems to be a decline in the strong feelings against the league, at least from the point of view of sportsbooks. Yet, much of the U.S. still remains lukewarm at best on the idea of allowing betting on the often-criticized league.

With the move, Ohio becomes just the seventh state to allow betting on the LIV Tour Golf through their sportsbooks. In most other states, legal online sportsbooks remain the best way to wager on LIV Golf.

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