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  • Scoreboard is the sports betting app created by the Oregon Lottery.
  • Over $4.5 million has been wagered on the app.
  • Safety precautions were added to the app to help impose self-limits on bets.

SALEM, Ore. – After launching two weeks ago, Oregon sports bettors have wagered over $4.5 million in bets.

Scoreboard first launched on October 17. The app was created by the Oregon Lottery to provide sports betting to the entire state. Players can sign up for Scoreboard no matter where they are, and the app has a wide betting menu.

“It’s humming along,” said Chuck Baumann, a spokesman for the Oregon Lottery. “People are enjoying it and they’re able to bet on everything from the Blazers to handball, to darts and cricket, and the NFL.”

The Oregon Lottery has said that since the launch of Scoreboard, more than 25,000 people have registered. Of that 25,000 registered bettors, 5,000 Oregon bettors wagered on the last game of the World Series. More than $112,000 was wagered on that game in Oregon.

Within the two weeks since it launched, the average bet has been $20. But of course, Oregon bettors can wager more than that at a time. Oregon bettors can deposit more than $250,000 at a time.

But like with all legal sports betting, there are ways to impose limits for Oregon bettors. Players can easily set their own lost and bet limits onto their accounts. This means that if a bettor loses a certain amount of money, they will be locked out of their account. The bet limit will also prevent them from betting past a certain amount of cash.

There is also the fact that like with any other sportsbooks, the Oregon Lottery can reject a bet. All of these safeguards help promote safe sports betting in Oregon.

Sports betting is going into a number of different services for the state. For example, the Oregon Lottery helps fund various veterans’ services throughout the state. Money from sports betting also goes into funding for parks. One percent of all sports betting profits will go into treatment for problem gambling.

Although Chinook Winds launched before Scoreboard, the Oregon Lottery is thriving. Scoreboard gives the entire state access to a sportsbook right on their mobile device. As more people make their bets, more bets are going to be made that benefit services provided by the state.

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