The new Oregon sports betting app will let bettors deposit up to $250,000 to bet with.

  • The Oregon Lottery will regulate and control sports wagering.
  • The Scoreboard betting app could launch next week.
  • Responsible gaming features will be implemented into the app.

SALEM, Ore. – The Scoreboard mobile sports betting app is expected to launch next week, and the deposit limit is set at $250,000 for users.

High Limits Benefit Oregon

Scoreboard is the new and upcoming sports betting app that will be provided by the Oregon Lottery. In partnership with SBTech, Oregon sports betting will become available to everyone in the state.

This is one of the highest sports betting deposit limits for mobile wagering in the country. To compare, the FanDuel mobile sportsbook in New Jersey sets a monthly deposit limit of $70,000 for VIP users. This makes Scoreboard friendly for high-rollers, which in turn benefits the state.

“The Oregon Lottery provides an important revenue stream for our state, funding a variety of key services from education to state parks to job creation. In order to preserve this revenue stream, the lottery is modernizing to serve new players while still promoting responsible gaming,” said Charles Boyle, spokesman to Governor Kate Brown.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

There are some concerns about problem gambling due to the high betting limits. The Oregon Lottery has put into place safeguards that will help promote responsible sports betting.

Oregon Lottery spokesman Matt Shelby says players can set loss limits on their accounts. With this, if a player loses a certain amount of money while sports betting, the app will kick them off. These timeouts and bans are a voluntary option that bettors can put onto themselves.

There are other ways that the app will help promote responsible gambling. The Oregon Lottery will send email messages and pop up to potential high-risk players. These messages will help bettors understand that they might have a problem.

There is also the fact that the Oregon Lottery can outright reject a bet. All legal sports betting operators can refuse to take a bet for any number of reasons, including refusal if they believe the bettor has problem gambling issues.

Scoreboard was anticipated to come out on October 7 but current estimates say it will release next week. With the Scoreboard app, the Oregon Lottery will allow high-rollers to succeed while encouraging responsible gambling.

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