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  • Oregon sports betting handle in August was up 84.1% when compared to July.
  • Oregon also saw a 65.7% increase in sports betting revenue for August.
  • The increase in sports betting is still marginal when compared to other U.S. states, stemming from a lack of sports betting options.
  • NBA was the most bet on sport in Oregon in August.

SALEM, Ore. – Oregon sports betting handle and revenue continued to show an upward trend in the month of August. With NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and MLB action at play, sports bettors were able to have a sizable amount of options to lay down their wagers.

Still, the numbers are underwhelming when compared to other states for the same month.

Scoreboard, Oregon’s only sports betting site and app, posted a total handle of $25,845,403 for the month. The handle signaled an 84.1% increase from the previous month. That handle resulted in total revenue of $1.662 million which was also a 65.7% increase from July.

Most of the money wagered was on the NBA as the Portland Trailblazers were still in the playoffs during the month. NBA betting accumulated $13,997,597 in handle. MLB betting trailed with $4,426,427 in total bets.

The rest of the handle was rounded out by soccer betting taking in $1.9 million, table tennis taking $1.7 million, and hockey taking in $1.5 million in bets.

But, other states such as New Jersey, set an all-time record for biggest handle ever in a single month for August. The Garden State was able to pull in $668 million in total handle.

So what is holding Oregon sports betting revenue from reaching its potential in this golden age of sports?

How Oregon Sports Betting Can Catch Up

Sports betting in Oregon is handcuffed for two main reasons. The first being the fact that there is no competition for Scoreboard and the second being that college sports betting still isn’t featured on the site or app.

Since there is only one sports betting app in the state, Scoreboard is able to set its prices however it likes without the fear of bettors going somewhere else.

In other states such as Rhode Island where online sports betting is handled by a singular app, similar underwhelming results have occurred.

Oregon’s lottery-run app’s only sports betting competition is the two tribal-based casinos that have launched retail sportsbooks. Revenue numbers for these locations isn’t available to the public to compare.

Scoreboard’s lack of college sports betting may not have had a big of an impact on revenue for the month of August likely won’t have as big of an impact this year since the PAC 12 still hasn’t announced if they will be playing college football in the fall.

But, with the Trailblazers eliminated and the NBA playoffs coming to a close, the Oregon Lottery will have to hope that NFL betting can make up for the absence of college sports betting and the volume of NBA betting.

Oregon officials have not announced any plans to bring in additional sports betting apps into the market, so sports bettors in the state will have to continue using Scoreboard for any and all of their betting needs for the foreseeable future.

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