Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania lose over $3 million thanks to Super Bowl 54.

  • Pennsylvania sportsbooks saw over $3 million in losses for Super Bowl 54.
  • The bulk of wagers came through mobile sports betting platforms.
  • The addition of three new online casino applications should help bring in extra revenue.

PHILADELPHIASuper Bowl 54 saw $31 million wagered in the state of Pennsylvania but the payouts totaled $34 million, as sportsbooks showed a loss of $3.3 million. However, the Keystone State has opened three more internet casino platforms hoping to close the gap on revenue losses by way of other gambling outlets.

Super Bowl 54 Betting In Pennsylvania

The amount of traffic for Pennsylvania sports betting applications doubled on Super Bowl Sunday. They typically see about 100,000 users on Sundays during the NFL season but come the weekend of the championship game, visitors increased to almost 200,000 to place wagers on the game.

This year, Pennsylvanians had eight different internet wagering platforms to use as well as twelve retail establishments available to take their bets. This was a big difference from last year’s Super Bowl, which had only six land-based locations and no online presence at the time.

According to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, over $6 million in bets were placed at sports betting lounges while more than $24 million in wagers were done with internet sportsbooks.

All of the bets placed on the Kansas City Chiefs to win was what left sportsbooks in Pennsylvania $3,334,787 in the red. This type of thing is to be expected by operators, which is why they move the lines every now and then to help ease their losses.

After all, they are in the business of gambling which means it isn’t just the gamblers that have money on the line.

Enter Online Casinos

While the sportsbooks of Pennsylvania took a loss, the Keystone State has opened three more online casinos. The opening of these casinos could help revenue losses from sports betting with potential gains by casino games. Famous sports wagering operator FanDuel has just launched its FanDuel Casino internet platform.

This marks the second FanDuel Casino used in the nation but it is the first using the FanDuel name. New Jersey is the other state with its casino but it’s known under the Betfair brand.

There is a total of 12 slot machine games, three roulette offerings, and two types of blackjack with FanDuel. The interface has been made specifically with smartphone users in mind, allowing for “Touch” capabilities with a strictly mobile platform.

With a total of 17 casino games to play, the FanDuel Casino is considered to be limited. This has been a trend with new internet casino launches in Pennsylvania. They all start small and then continue to add features and games as time goes on. FanDuel is expected to do the same.

The FanDuel Casino was the sixth to launch online in the state.

Two more have entered the gaming business, as BetRivers and BetAmerica joined the ranks right after FanDuel.

The other five mobile casinos in Pennsylvania are SugarHouse Online Casino, Hollywood Online Casino, Unibet Casino, PokerStars Casino, and Parx Online Casino.

The introduction of online casino games saw revenue from three businesses total $578,306 in one month’s time.

The Bottom Line

Pennsylvania is hedging its gambling businesses by adding more casino operations. Whether the casinos or the sportsbooks take a loss, they should balance out or at least help in terms of revenue gains rather than losses.

With the way that the Keystone State is expanding its gaming market, they may soon be bigger than their rival New Jersey for the title of the Las Vegas of the East coast.

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