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  • The sports betting market in Pennsylvania saw the third consecutive record-breaking month in October.
  • The Pennsylvania sports betting handle surpassed $500 million.
  • Online sports betting took in over $470 million.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – The sports betting revenue report for October in Pennsylvania has been released by the Pennsylvania Control Board and it shows that sports betting activity has increased to another record-breaking high.

This would make the third consecutive month that Pennsylvania’s betting market has successfully broken records.

Online betting continues to be the driving force behind the Pennsylvania sports betting market success, with the bulk of wagers being taken on mobile betting apps.

Keystone Sports Betting Boom

Sports bettors in the Keystone State have consistently been active in October, pushing the sports betting market to yet another record-breaking month.

According to the official report released by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, the total betting handle in October hit $525,802,524. This is up 118% year-over-year.

In terms of revenue shares, Pennsylvania took in $47.8 million in revenue for operators, completely overshadowing the $19 million taken in October 2019. A total of $12.5 million came in state tax revenue, and an additional $735,539 was divided into local shares.

What industry stakeholders truly learn from the sports betting revenue is that mobile and online betting in Pennsylvania continues to be the main source of sports betting activity.

Online sports wagering accounted for $472,276,003 of the total betting handle in October. This continues the trend that sports betting has been dominated by online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania.

This could be attributed to the many shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, or that online and mobile betting is simply the way Keystone bettors want to get in on the action.

The overall sports betting market in Pennsylvania is booming, however, retail betting saw an increase as well. Over $53.5 million was wagered at physical sportsbooks compared to just $48.6 million in September.

The betting activity has consistently grown and has shown no sign of slowing down. With the NFL season continuing, the NBA season starting in December, and other major events like the Masters taking place, the legal sports betting handle is expected to show continued growth throughout the rest of the year.

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