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  • Arkansas saw $6.56 million placed in sports wagers for their three sportsbooks in October.
  • Neighboring states saw up to ten times that amount because they offer legal mobile sportsbooks where Arkansas does not.

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – The three sportsbooks in Arkansas have recorded the most activity they’ve seen in months since mandatory shutdowns from the outbreak of COVID-19 according to their October numbers.

Even with sports betting venues in the state being operational at two-thirds capacity since June with each establishment adhering to the safety protocols for the Coronavirus Pandemic, there was still an increase in month-over-month handle.

The uptick can be attributed to a few factors but the outlook for the sports betting industry of Arkansas looks promising for continued monetary growth.

Report Breakdown For Arkansas Sports Wagering

The Land of Opportunity had sports bettors finding opportunities in gambling on sporting events in October. The handle for the state went up by 65.7% over September’s activity.

In the month of September, Arkansans wagered $3.96 million for a total revenue of $397,095. Operators thought September was a good month because activity spiked by 292.3% from August but October proved to be even better.

Arkansas had $6.56 million in wagers placed on various sports matchups. Football games being in full swing and gamblers being more acclimated to a COVID-19 mask-wearing environment helped immensely in the final numbers posted for October.

The $6.56 million in bets brought with it nearly one million dollars in revenue having the exact figure land at $940,514. That was a revenue increase of 136.8% in month-over-month comparisons.

Breaking down the three sportsbooks of Arkansas and their individual contributions, West Memphis’ Southland Casino posted the most handle in the state for the second month in a row with $4,099,141 making up two-thirds of the entire month’s total.

This was up 76% from their $2,327,026 in wagers from September. Southland also took in over half of the state’s overall revenue with $546,627, seeing a 295% increase from the previous month that posted a revenue of $138,542.

Over in Hot Springs at the Oaklawn, they had $1,734,406 taken in bets for the month that equaled $284,757 in total revenue. This was a spike from September, where there were figures of $1,144,246 in handle and $52,007 in revenue.

The Saracen had their official opening with only eleven days left in October. They were still able to bring in $726,311 on sporting events and put out $109,129 in revenue. At their temporary spot the month before they collected $487,476 in wagers and $52,007 in revenue from their sportsbook for the state.

The Sports Betting Outlook In Arkansas

Arkansas did well for themselves in October and with the environment for gambling on sports continuing to offer tons of football games among other events, this trend should extend into their November figures.

Neighboring states like Mississippi saw a tremendous handle of $61.2 million for October but they have dozens of sports betting venues where Arkansas does not.

Should the Land of Opportunity open up legislation for more venues or mobile sportsbook discussions in 2021, the handle and revenue for the state could soar, giving the sports bettors of their land more opportunity to wager on the games.

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