RotoWire will expand their company and create a new service called CoverWire.

  • In 1997, RotoWire opened their business, capitalizing on the idea that fantasy sports would blow up in popularity.
  • That same company will now have CoverWire, focusing on sports wagering, using their same instincts from over 20 years ago.
  • These companies only offer information on the games; they are not sportsbooks.

MADISON, Wis. – The masterminds behind the company RotoWire, one of the top data companies in their field of fantasy sports, have decided to branch out into the world of sports betting. CoverWire will offer all of its followers multiple statistics regarding everything having to do with current sporting information – free of charge.

RotoWire Moves Toward Sports Betting

RotoWire became a company 22 years ago, specializing in fantasy sports. They are a pillar among those affiliated with DFS. With legal sports betting moving forward across the nation in becoming a legalized activity, RotoWire has decided to do for the sports betting community what they’ve done for the fantasy sports aspect of the game.

“We’re going to try and do the same thing for sports betting that we’ve done for fantasy sports,” said Peter Schoenke, president of RotoWire. “It’ll be all the things that impact the outlook for a sports bettor.”

Their fantasy sports company has partnered with DraftKings, Fox Sports, ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, and over the years. They are so revered in their field that they are often asked to be speakers at some of the top fantasy expert league conventions like that of Yahoo! Sports experts league among others. They remain the fastest provider of fantasy sports news in the business to date.

Wisconsin Sports Betting

Over 100,000 customers bought items for their own fantasy sports leagues through the use of RotoWire. It is believed by Schoenke that they can expect similar results with CoverWire regarding sports betting. An advocate for gambling, sports, fantasy or otherwise, Schoenke hopes that Wisconsin will legalize the pastime soon.

“There’s a lot of consumer demand,” said Schoenke. “At some point I think sports gambling in nearby states is going to impact casino revenues in Wisconsin.”

While the state itself does not offer legal sports betting, it could be imminent considering the rest of the Northwest’s expansion efforts. For now, bettors can use the information they receive from CoverWire to make the most informed wagers possible at other legal outlets.

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