Bernie Sanders is out in front in Colorado for Super Tuesday.

  • Joe Biden is not holding a campaign in Colorado.
  • Bernie Sanders only has one campaign hub in Denver.
  • Odds for Colorado’s Democratic Primary signal Bernie Sanders as the winner.

DENVER — The odds on legal sports betting sites for the Democratic candidate are one-sided in Bernie Sanders’s favor. His campaign in Denver is strong and has grown since 2016.

Joe Biden is not focusing on campaigning in the Centennial State as he will be relying on his supporters and earlier voters to keep him alive. Online odds boards reflect his absence in the state, making this an

Where Do Colorado Voters Stand

Joe Biden has opted to take a different route when it comes to winning the Colorado vote. Biden has chosen to not hold a public campaign event in the state. He will be the only candidate to do this.

Biden’s campaign also did not purchase and television campaign either. The former vice president is relying on the endorsement of his party leaders and his previous voters during his vice-presidential election to continue to show him support.

Sanders, on the other hand, has only one single campaign hub in Denver. Sanders’s campaign in the state’s capital is immense as he has a very strong volunteer network. His volunteers announced that they have gone door-to-door to 21,800 homes.

“Colorado has shown we are definitely a Bernie state—the 2016 energy never diminished,” said Pilar Chapa, Colorado campaign director.

Colorado Democratic Primary Odds

Sanders currently leads the polls at 32% while Elizabeth Warren is in second with 21% leaving Biden in third with 18%. Even though Biden is third in the polls he is second on the betting odds list.

Colorado Democratic Primary Winner

  • Bernie Sanders -3000
  • Joe Biden +1200
  • Elizabeth Warren +10000
  • Michael Bloomberg +10000

Warren held a rally in Denver on Sunday, just days before Super Tuesday. She announced that her campaign had raised more than $9 million since the last Democratic debates.

But as far as bettors are concerned, there is no debating where the sharp money should be going and who is going to gain the most votes in Colorado by the end of Super Tuesday. It would take a miracle for Biden or Warren to overcome Sander’s -3000 odds to win the Democratic Primary in Colorado.

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